Man jailed for stealing AC compressors from 3 trucks

Man jailed for stealing AC compressors from 3 trucks

Defendant admitted he used screwdriver to open hoods of pickup trucks and steal compressors

Dubai: A jobless man has been jailed for six months for stealing AC compressors from three pickup trucks.

Three pickup drivers parked their vehicles in a parking lot near Dubai Scouts in Salah Al Deen Road in the evening and when they returned in the morning, they discovered that the AC compressors had been stolen in April 2014.

Having stayed at large for nearly three years, police arrested the 30-year-old Bangladeshi man in April this year in Dubai.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of using a screwdriver and a pair of scissors to open the hoods of the three pickup trucks, cutting the connections to the AC compressors and stealing them.

All three compressors were stolen in the same night.

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In court, he pleaded guilty and admitted that he had opened the hoods and stolen the compressors.

Two trucks belonged to cargo companies and one to a tourism company.

An Indian refreshments vendor testified that he parked his pickup at 9pm in the parking lot.

“When I went to my vehicle at 8am the next day and started it, I heard a strange noise coming from the engine … I opened the hood and discovered that the compressor had been disconnected and stolen,” he told prosecutors.

A Pakistani driver said he parked his vehicle in front of Dubai Scouts at 10pm and found out next morning that the compressor had been stolen.

An Indian salesman told prosecutors that he parked his vehicle at 8.30pm and came to know about the theft next morning.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.