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Man on a mission to visit the global world without planes arrives in Islamabad

No you have ever travelled to every country on the globe without flying. It appears like an interesting proven fact that lots of people would hear and get on making use of their day, however when Torbjorn Pedersen heard it, challenging was seen by him.

Mr Pedersen explained that a lot more than 5,000 folks have summitted Mount Everest. Some 550 have gone into space, and significantly less than 200 have were able to visit every national country on the planet. So far, no-one has were able to achieve this without flying, probably, Mr Pedersen said, since it is complicated unbelievably.

Mr Pedersen left home at age 34, morning on Oct 10 at 10 past 10 in the, 2013, on a project he calls ‘Upon a Saga&rsquo once;. He’s got travelled to 167 countries – he stays for at the very least a day in each one of these – across four continents. He’s got travelled on 17 container ships, 200 trains, a lot more than 200 buses and who knows just how many taxis.

“That’s 230,000 kilometres, a lot more than to the moon &ndash halfway; that is some 384,000km, a lot more than six trips round the planet. Year going to every country in the centre East i spent the initial 10 months of the,” dawn on Saturday he told, after arriving in Islamabad.

After shelling out for average 11.3 days in every national country, Mr Pedersen knows more concerning the global world when compared to a person on the road in his home country of Denmark, and in a few full cases a lot more than citizens within their own countries.

“The very best WiFi I came across with this plant was in Somalia anywhere, not the Switzerland or US,” he remarks.

Nigeria gets the biggest diversity in butterflies on the planet, and the national country gets the highest birth rate of twins due to “something in the diet”, he added.

“Nigeria is a lot more than scam Boko and emails Haram. All 54 countries in Africa have modern cars, identical to the European states, and you can find more pyramids in Sudan.”

The two main challenges in his project, Mr Pedersen explained, are bureaucracy and logistics. Logistics certainly are a nagging problem incompatible zones; he can proceed through them either, or about.

Logistics certainly are a problem when accessing island nations also. The global world has considered flying, that is easier and cheaper, and ferries down are closing. There’s no real solution to swim a large number of kilometres, he said, which leaves only cargo boats.

The second challenge in bureaucracy. Mr Pedersen explained he would sometimes be denied when crossing a border even though a visa was had by him. He cannot enter Pakistan through Mongolia due to just how long the Chinese were taking to check on through to him, given his military background as a US peacekeeper. Month had he waited a, the Karakoram could have closed and his Pakistani visa could have expired.

The only way from him to access Pakistan from Mongolia was through Russia – a 12,000km detour.

“I had to visit several countries i had recently been to back. The five-day train ride took me to Moscow, day to access Odessa another, by ship through the Black Sea to Georgia, Armenia, all of the real way through Iran to attain Taftan before entering Balochistan,” Mr Pedersen said.

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At one point he became a resident in a single country for per year to become permitted obtain a visa. He was delayed the longest in Lebanon, where he waited 102 days for a visa for Syria. He considered negotiations sometimes, other times to press coverage highlighting his project, to greatly help him visas get.

“That’s how I acquired the Pakistani visa,” dawn he told. “The Pakistan High Commission in Kyrgyzstan made an exception and issued a visa without me applying from my home country.”

Mr Pedersen’s project was sponsored for the initial two . 5 years, $20 each day, that is best for a accepted place like Pakistan, where his room costs him $8 and lunch $1, nonetheless it isn’t sufficient when trying to get a visa.

The sponsors, a Norwegian company sensitive to oil prices, pulled out of his project.

“I spent all my money then. When I had forget about money, I sold some belongings home back. I spent and borrowed all that. I borrowed more and spent the majority of that. I did so a crowd-funding campaign from people following my project then,” he said.

He now has 36 more countries to go to. At the average speed of 5.day 3km a, he could be projected to complete his journey in the Maldives on Jan 22, 2020.

“I’ve not been home for five years, rather than given up whatever happened. I came across solutions that originated from it&rsquo and folks;s very rare that I solve everything alone.

“I acquired sick, lost financial backing and missed my grandmother’s funeral, was the mark of extreme racism for months. This project is a nightmare, and I had every justification to give up but I did so not. People start to see the strength for the reason that and for a long time they are writing if you ask me about how exactly they felt heading back to school, finishing [their] education and [working] on personal relationships etc. Folks have learned to transport themselves,” he said.

While discussing Pakistan, Mr Pedersen felt that given information was biased; the only real information sold by the media is destruction and death, corruption, poverty or terror, as in lots of other countries, rather than the 99pc that feels un-newsworthy.

“When people consider Pakistan, they take into account the significantly less than 1pc that the media is showing,” he said.

“I’ve not gone to a national country where people had eight arms and six eyes. I’ve not been on a bus where individuals were a terrorist. I haven’t gone to a national country where individuals were sick.

“A parents want the very best because of their child, and an improved chance at light than what that they had. It’s the same in Pakistan, identical to in Denmark, the united states, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and I’m betting that it’s exactly the same in North Korea,” he said.

“Whenever we discuss Syria, we forget that folks still fall in love and obtain married regardless of just how many bombs rain across their skies. People remain people still, who enjoy good food, security and safety, take dance and selfies to loud music, but we usually do not discuss it.”


Mr Pedersen turned 40 last. He could be tired, and wants only to come back home. Nevertheless, week where he’ll meet his fianc&eacute he could be leaving for Mumbai next;, who’s travelling for the 19th time and energy to see him.

Originally published in Dawn, December 25th, 2018