Medical committee sought to review baby’s killing case

Medical committee sought to review baby’s killing case

Lawyer defending mother, who killed her 14-month-old baby, asks Appeal Court to acquit her

Dubai: A lawyer defending a woman accused of killing her 14-month-old baby asked a court on Sunday to refer the case to a committee of medical and pharmaceutical experts for further interrogation.

In May, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the Emirati mother for three years for deliberately stepping on her 14-month-old son’s belly and causing fatal internal bleeding resulting in his death.

The mother appeared before the Appeal Court where she challenged her conviction and renewed her not guilty plea on Sunday.

“The victim had a medical record especially in 2015 … during which he was admitted to hospital more than three times. We ask the court to refer this case file to a committee of medial experts from Dubai Health Authority to look into all the medical reports, prescriptions and files and surgeries that the victim had since his birth date. The committee should include a pharmacist specialised in medicine sciences to review the case file and decide on the side effects that could have been caused to the victim’s belly and intestines (vomiting, bleeding and ruptures) by the prescribed medicines,” the woman’s lawyer Fahd Bin Tamim, of Fahd Bin Tamim Advocates and Legal Consultants, argued before presiding judge Eisa Al Sharif.

According to the primary judgement, the mother was convicted of repeatedly beating her son on different occasions until his death in July 2016.

The defendant’s younger sister had testified that she noticed bruises and injuries on her nephew’s body and constantly hear him cry all night long.

Meanwhile, the defendant’s Indonesian maid had testified that the mother was violent with her son.

“The maid was herself a second suspect in the case. Once she knew about the gravity of crime and that she could be facing a death sentence, she blamed the mother. She claimed in her statement that the defendant was abusive with her son … when she alleged to have seen my client pressing her son’s belly, well that incident happened four months before the death. The medical reports were not precise and conclusive and contained doubtful details. Besides, we also suspect that some sort of negligence or malpractice had happened at the hospital where the boy was admitted for a broken leg in September 2015. The parents were asked to discharge their son after 25 days of treatment, and when asked why, the doctor said because the medication was not covered by the insurance. Due to his continuous crying, the boy was rushed back to hospital after three days before doctors surprised my client and told her that she had put a screw in her son’s skull … yet the boy’s head did not bear any marks or injuries confirming the doctor’s allegation. That was mainly what made the defence suspect that the boy must have been subject to some sort of negligence or malpractice,” defended Bin Tamim.

When questioned by prosecutors, the defendant, according to the lawyer, testified that she blamed the hospital for her son’s injuries.

“Prosecutors should have taken that into consideration and conducted an investigation into the mother’s allegations. My client did not kill her son … she is a mother and she would not do such a thing. We ask the court to acquit her or refer the case to the special medical committee,” concluded Bin Tamim.

A ruling will be heard in September.

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