Medical Tourism in the offing for Seychelles?

Medical Tourism in the offing for Seychelles?

Seychelles is really a national country that is earmarked for Medical Tourism, which possibility has been again raised again and again.  The idyllic mid-ocean islands await an

Seychelles is really a national country that is earmarked for Medical Tourism, which possibility has been again raised again and again.  The idyllic mid-ocean islands await an effective facility or a proper investor.  The global world of niche tourism has confirmed that “Focus on Technology Innovations by Hospital Chains creates new Revenue Streams” for Seychelles and destinations is in a position to reap the benefits of this.

A start is that today the hawaiian islands have two Dialysis Centres which are both owned and operated by Dubai based Companies.

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1. AMSA started their operations from standalone dialysis unit in 2013 in Dubai. The continuing business is owned by Mr. Abdulla Ajmal who participate in a renowned category of Ajmal. Their prime business is cosmetics and perfumes. They will have distribution in a lot more than 32 countries and also have 200+ standalone shops in GCC. Mr. Abdulla  may be the GM in Ajmal Perfumes and his father Mr. Amiruddin Ajmal may be the CEO of Ajmal Perfumes. Currently, they will have 3 operating units 1 in Mahe and 1 in Praslin in the Seychelles and 1 in Dubai. They’re private sector using Government premises.

  1. The Seychelles includes a second center called the “RENASENSE. COMPLETE RENAL CARE” that operates in an exclusive complex. Their stated vision is dealing with the federal government of Seychelles to lessen the healthcare burden of the federal government by acting such as a world-class dialysis clinic as well as the other existing dialysis facility obtainable in the united states, enabling folks of Seychelles to avail top notch quality of dialysis in Seychelles.

Renasense also aims to create Seychelles a hub of medical tourism through its “Holiday Dialysis” service offering, which may enable renal patients from all around the global world to go to Seychelles because of their holidays. Today dialysis patients concur that they possess state-of-the -art infrastructure and facilities that priorities patient safety and comfort. Their finest quality and practices management protocols permit them to provide consistent, high – class services. Their future-forward framework is preparing to meet up with the seamless integration of new, industry- standard methods.

The Renasense Team has extensive medical experience throughout the world from the uk to america of America, from India to the United Arab Emirates to Africa.


Mr. Priya Shankar Dasgupta – Chairman

Renasense’s Mentor and Principal Investor, Mr. Priya Shankar Dasgupta is well-recognized on the market for having an exceedingly high success rate of fabricating successful businesses between private business entities and sovereign Governments.

Mr. Partha Banerjee – CEO

Mr. Partha Banerjee has been from the critical care segment since 1996. He’s got managed business operations in a lot more than 60 countries for global conglomerates like Imperial Chemical, Johnson Matthey & CTI, to mention several.

Dr.Kishore Kumar- Medical Doctor

Dr.Kishore Kumar can be an MTA-MD Nephrology from the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Medical Science. With vast experience in Renal patients, he could be also a fellow of International Society of Peritoneal dialysis and certified Neuropathologist by International Society of Nephrology.

State of the creative art facility may be the description directed at the Renasense’ s facilities which are designed and developed using state of the creative art technology keeping patients’ safety, comfort and care parameters as their first of all priorities. Their 19-bedded facility in Seychelles is equipped with

  • Ultra-modern Fresenius 5008S machines (imported from Germany)
  • Double stage RO plant from Fresenius (imported from Germany)
  • Fully automated centralized acid concentrate plant (imported from Germany)
  • Best quality disposables and consumables sourced from Fresenius in Germany and Dubai
  • Frequent consultation to patients by onsite nephrologists and American Board-Certified nephrologists from the united states and the UK
  • Dialysis with optimum adequacy, administered by trained paramedical staff and our onsite nephrologist
  • highly

  • Isolation machine for Hepatitis B positive patients
  • The facility has an in-house ICU to supply emergency care to patients during dialysis sessions.
  • Diagnostic and point of care support for patients.
  • the day of these sessions

  • Chauffer driven grab and fall off facilities to the patients on.
  • Recreation facilities for patients such as for example TV and high-speed access to the internet through the sessions
  • Special meal made by 5-star chefs, that are specially trained to cook for renal patients
  • Are on the right track to become among the first standalone dialysis clinics in the global world to possess JCI accreditation.

Former Minister Mr.Peter Sinon, himself a dialysis patient says:- “The Renasense is related to all top private dialysis centers I’ve attended in Brussels, London, South Africa, Washington etc, I rate it excellent facility with a compassionate nephrologist”

The three days of protest in the heart of Victoria staged by dialysis patients is targeted at compelling the federal government of Seychelles to take care of both Dubai based dialysis centers equally. It’s been said that both charge Government of Seychelles exactly the same fee for dialysis sessions for several Seychellois needed the procedure and care. However the Seychelles Ministry of Health is standing behind one company and so are refusing to entertain treatment completed at the next center. A monopoly system has been supported even at the expense of losing the next center that will see Seychelles lose the choice option if the favored center ran in virtually any difficulty.

As the protests continue the chance of Seychelles to reduce an effective Medical Tourism facility is currently a chance and dialysis patients are feeling disappointed. Individuals of Seychelles understand that what is best for medical tourism can be best for them. Will the national government hear the dialysis patients plea?

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