Medical tourism on the rise in Armenia – specialists

Medical tourism on the rise in Armenia – specialists

The past summer season has seen an increase in the number of incoming tourists visiting Armenia for medical reasons, according to specialists.

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At a news conference on Saturday,  Hayk Yenokyan, the head of a plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery department at the Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery, said many foreigners prefer the country appreciating the quality of the services rendered. He described medical tourism as an accomplished sector in Armenia.

“While only Diaspora-Armenians would [benefit from our services] in the past, we now receive also foreigners. The geography varies in range, as [we have patients] from Sweden, Denmark and other European countries, Iran, the UAE etc,” he added.

The specialist said they observe a high interest especially in plastic nose surgeries. “You become more skilled as you perform the same operation so many times,” he said, highlighting also the relatively competitive prices.  “Compared to the United States and Europe, plastic operations are several times more affordable in Armenia,” he noted.

Lilit Khachatryan, a specialist from the psychological support center Psylife, said they serve also many Diaspora-Armenians seeking psychological counseling. Most of the patients are Armenians from Israel, Belgium, England and Russia, she added.

“The reason they come to Armenia for psychological counseling is linked to the ethnic origins which has its socio-cultural specificities. A psychologist should normally be a representative of the same ethnic group to avoid further difficulties. Any psychologist with a different ethnic background cannot possibly understand the peculiarities of the Armenian environment. So it is logically easier to turn to an Armenian psychologist,” she said, noting that most diasporans seek aid when facing divorce-related problems or other everyday concerns.

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