Mike Huckabee's air travel jokes crash and burn on twitter

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NASHVILLE (RNN) – An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Nashville was quarantined while a doctor assessed a sick passenger Thursday, but passengers have since been let off the plane.

Passengers were held on board as it was determined whether they had been exposed to illness. A Nashville International Airport spokesperson said via Twitter that the person was medically cleared to fly but did not have paperwork.

Police contacted the doctor to confirm.

One of the passengers was former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. He joked on Twitter that “the Russians” must be to blame.

He then added the delay may be because of a straw he got while in California – cities including Malibu, Santa Barbara and San Francisco have issued plastic straw bans this year.

After leaving the plane, Huckabee credited the crew on their handling of the issue.

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