Mini Mathur launches travel show ‘Mini Me’

Mini Mathur launches travel show ‘Mini Me’

The show sees the TV presenter and her seven-year-old daughter travel across multiple countries in Europe

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Television presenter Mini Mathur, whose travel tales of Europe with her seven-year-old daughter will be showcased in a 10-part series Mini Me on the small screen, says her children are not affected by the exposure they receive due to their celebrity parents.

Mathur, who is married to popular filmmaker Kabir Khan, has two children — daughter Sairah and son Vivaan, 13.

Most celebrities try to shield their children from the limelight, so what made Mathur choose to do a show with her young one?

“When my kids were small, every Bollywood person or everybody would keep their kids away from the glare of the cameras and would shield their photographs. But this is 2018, and Taimur Ali Khan has a big following, and all children have their Instagram accounts.

“We would be running behind if we felt that by not putting their faces on camera, we would be saving them from the exposure. As far as my kids are concerned, everybody who comes home is a TV or a film star… So, my kids are very balanced. If I knew it would affect them in anyway adversely, I would not attempt it,” Mathur said over phone from Mumbai.

Mini Me, to air on lifestyle channel TLC, showcases the mother-daughter duo travel across multiple countries in Europe, trying food halts and doing some not-so-touristy things.

In the unique travelogue, they will be seen travelling through Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Spain.

The show is also produced by Mathur.

She says it was “daunting” and was a tough learning process.

“But it felt like I went to film school,” she quipped.

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