Monday’s best TV: Prison; Travel With a Goat

The second series on life behind bars focuses on violence between inmates. Plus: a timely reality show puts animal rights under the spotlight

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Is violence between prisoners unavoidable? Prison, Channel 4.
Photograph: Channel 4

9pm, Channel 4

The first series of Paddy Wivell’s terrifyingly intimate look at life behind bars felt like one of the most unsparing depictions of prison ever seen on the small screen. The director clearly gained the trust of inmates and authorities alike and the result was documentary television of real depth, nuance and compassion. Tonight, he returns us to HMP Durham for a second series. He begins by focusing on a seemingly never-ending cycle of violence between prisoners. Is such brutality unavoidable in institutions of this nature? Phil Harrison

Silent Witness
9pm, BBC One

A new two-parter sees a charismatic head teacher (Colin Salmon) go to war with drug dealers preying on his community as the team deal with the consequences of a surge in deaths related to a deadly new breed of narcotic. All well and good, but spare us the accompanying polemic please. Continues tomorrow. Mike Bradley

9pm, BBC Two

Inviting viewers to vote for the greatest scientist of the 20th century, Chris Packham profiles four who appeal to him “because I’m a bit of an outsider, too”. Here, then, are portraits of Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Alan Turing and, most surprising of all, Chinese scientist Tu Youyou, who developed a cure for malaria. Continues tomorrow. MB

Cold Feet
9pm, ITV

Writer Mike Bullen’s Manchester midlife comedy returns with a lively opener that sees both wedding and alarm bells ringing. David and Karen confront parenting problems, Pete turns lifesaver and, best of all, failing lothario Adam gets a lesson in how to embrace his age and why it’s OK to go on Tinder. MB

True Detective
9pm, Sky Atlantic

HBO’s drama has a lot of ground to make up after a poor second series. But is mimicking the first, albeit with a different lead duo, the right way to go, even if you bring Deadwood creator David Milch to the party? You be the judge, as Mahershala Ali’s retired Arkansas detective revisits a case that has haunted him for 35 years. MB

Travel With a Goat
9pm, Insight

Two food personalities are challenged to travel and live with a livestock animal, before deciding whether to let it survive or be killed for food, in this timely reality show that aims to make meat eaters consider where their food comes from. It also highlights debates about animal rights, sustainable farming and meat-free diets. Ali Catteral

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Ben Kingsley (left) and Jim Sturgess in Stonehearst Asylum. Photograph: Allstar/Millennium Films

Film choice

Stonehearst Asylum, 1.30am, Film4

Young doc Edward (Jim Sturgess) arrives at the forbidding institution of the title, run by Ben Kingsley’s Dr Lamb. Edward is attracted to patient Eliza (Kate Beckinsale), but what is going on in the basement? Michael Caine and Brendan Gleeson are vivid presences in this lively Edgar Allan Poe adaptation. Paul Howlett

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Today’s best live sport

Snooker: The Masters 1pm, BBC Two. Ronnie O’Sullivan is in first-round action against Stuart Bingham.

Premier League Football: Manchester City v Wolves 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Champions City look to keep pace with leaders Liverpool.

ODI Cricket: Australia v India 2.30am, BT Sport 1. Adelaide Oval hosts the second of three one-day internationals.