MSSC's Christmas Gift to The Nation

MSSC's Christmas Gift to The Nation

PR Newswire (paid press release):

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The rate of manufacturing jobs coming back to America from offshore is up 250% from 2016, but there is a major barrier that the nation must overcome to maintain this growth:  the acute and growing skills gap.  U.S.-based manufacturers, however, have a unique tool to help close that gap:  MSSC’s industry-wide national Production Standards.

Since this is the holiday season, the MSSC is pleased to offer the 2017 Edition of those standards without charge.  To download the full 24-page standards document please go to the “Standards” section under the “About Us” Menu at

Since foundational skills are much the same throughout the country, the MSSC standards are the vehicle through which the manufacturing industry is able to “speak with one voice” about their skill needs on the factory floor. These standards are the authoritative, industry-defined foundational competencies needed for ALL the 6 million+ front-line production jobs in the U.S. (Please click here for the List of Jobs).

Since its standards were federally endorsed in 2001, the MSSC has reviewed them with industry subject matter experts to ensure that they are keeping pace with technological change.  For example, the 2017 subject matter experts reviewed a basket of “newly emerging” technologies to see if they had become sufficiently widespread in America’s factory floors to include in the MSSC CPT training and testing program.  The outcome was to include, especially, the Internet of Things (IOT) and Mobile Internet, but also 3 D (Additive) manufacturing, Next Generation Robotics, Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, and Augmented Reality.

Thus, these standards provide the substantive foundation for all manufacturing workforce development programs involving front-line production technicians:  apprenticeships, summer internships, boot camps, and company-specific programs. They also provide the foundation for MSSC’s highly innovative, hands-on CPT+ “Skill Boss” assessment and training program in partnership with Amatrol (link to brochure). 

For an update on MSSC, see the National Gold Standard document, which includes a link to the hundreds of companies that have developed MSSC’s National Production Standards.

Press Contact:  Dina Igoe
[email protected], tel. 703-739-9000


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