Murcia to host the 1st UNWTO Planet Conference on Smart Destinations

Murcia to host the 1st UNWTO Planet Conference on Smart Destinations


To progress and shape a tourism design for the 21st century based on innovation, technologies, sustainability and accessibility – they are the aims of the World Meeting on Smart Destinations to be kept in Murcia on 15-17 Feb, organized by the World Tourism Company (UNWTO), the Ministry of Energy, Travel and leisure and Digital Agenda of The country, and the Region of Murcia.

A few weeks following the release of the International Year of Eco friendly Tourism for Development, the city associated with Murcia has picked up the baton to offer a platform for the discussion associated with key issues in the global plan of the sector, such as innovation, technologies, sustainability and accessibility.

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The 1st UNWTO World Conference upon Smart Destinations will bring together federal government representatives, private sector entities, scientists and academics, as well as technology centers. Among the topics to be addressed is the fact that of digital applications that make it feasible to offer increasingly customized services and also to differentiate tourist destinations that provide added worth while preserving the natural, interpersonal and cultural environment.

“ These themes, which are focal points of the work of the World Travel and leisure Organization, define 21st century tourism: devoted to ecosystems, local cultures and to financial and social development, ” described UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai. “ It will be impossible to capitalize in the potential of tourism in elements such as job creation and socioeconomic development if we do not commit to plus move towards sustainable practices which are respectful of the environment and nearby communities, ” he underlined.

The Conference includes a good academic block in which research associated with 21st century tourism will be presented. A scheduled appointment will also feature entrepreneurs who have created highly innovative products or services in the area of sensible destinations.

The event will certainly conclude with the reading of a manifesto summarizing the contributions of the individuals, which will form the basis of the 1st UNWTO report on smart locations.

The International Season of Sustainable Tourism for Advancement, declared by the United Nations General Set up and led by UNWTO, produces a common tool for global motion towards a more responsible, inclusive plus prosperous sector. To this end, the particular organizations in charge of the Conference motivate governments, private sector entities, customers and civil society organizations to participate the campaign and share their encounters.

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