Muslim dating site compromised, 120k hashed passwords dumped online

The Muslim-only dating site has warned users to change their passwords immediately after hackers dumped some 120,000 users’ data, including passwords, in an online forum.

The passwords were encrypted using a particularly weak algorithm, MD5, which hackers would be able to crack with relative ease to reveal user passwords, according to a report from Motherboard.

Tech savvy forum users appear to have already cracked several of the passwords, though no account information, such as usernames or email addresses, has yet been compromised. 

“Customers have already been notified of the incident via email,” a Pure Matrimony representative told Motherboard in an email.

“Customers have been notified to change their passwords on their profile accounts as well as any other places online where they may have used the same password.”

The company claims the site was not hacked but a third party vendor associated with the site was attacked, though this claim has not been independently verified. have yet to respond to RT for comment.

“Our team have taken advice from two separate independent security consultants to ensure that we are doing everything possible to secure our data and protect our members. Aside from the additional security measures and moving our website to a new server, we have informed members and also logged this with the ICO [the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, which upholds data protection],” the representative added when writing to MotherBoard.

Another Muslim dating site, Muslim Match, was hacked last year and entire user conversations were obtained by the unscrupulous cyber bandits responsible.

While this latest security breach appears to be relatively minor, it once again undermines public confidence in online security at a time when hacks of international websites are occurring more and more frequently.

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