Nassy represents for Tobago tourism with latest track

Nassy represents for Tobago tourism with latest track

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D Tourist, the new song by budding artiste Nassy, has captured a lot of attention on social media. It has a simple yet catchy beat and infectious hooks and places a special spotlight on Tobago’s many tourism attractions.

Within three days of its release the track and its accompanying music video have already received over 170,000 views on YouTube, thus giving the San Juan, Trinidad-based artiste a steady platform for spreading his positive message regarding the encouragement of both domestic and international tourism for Tobago.

D Tourist, which echoes the sentiments of the islands’ recent Stay to Get Away campaign, was written by Nassy and produced by Klase Gonzalez (First Klase).

A release said the hip-hop fusion production is set to be a hit with locals and visitors alike in time for the upcoming Easter weekend which will see many tourists visiting Tobago.

Nassy, whose real name is Manasseh Roberts, may be a newcomer in the industry but is certainly not a novice to music. He is the grandnephew of the late Aldwyn “Lord Kitchener” Roberts, the cousin of singer/songwriter/producer Kernel Roberts and also the first cousin of the rising female dancehall sensation Keturah Gamba.

In D Tourist, Nassy delivers memorable, relatable and often comical lines and rhymes full of slangs which reflect the culture of T&T. While Nassy mentions several notable Tobago landmarks in his song like Argyle Falls, Pigeon Point, Buccoo Reef, The Nylon Pool and Signal Hill, the music video for the track which was done by Fu Family Films creatively displays several facets of the island’s unique splendour like its coral reef sea-life, luxurious accommodations, jet skiing and even goat racing.

Just as D Tourist shows diversity in T&T’s local music productions, Nassy hopes that this song will assist in the diversification of the local economy via increased tourism income. He hopes local tourism authorities will use the track as a tool in order to help influence and boost local residents and citizens’ appreciation and knowledge of destination Tobago.

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