National Rail Facebook alerts: how exactly to join personal travel updates on delayed and cancelled trains

National Rail Facebook alerts: how exactly to join personal travel updates on delayed and cancelled trains

Rail passengers in the united kingdom can now receive alerts on Facebook Messenger when their train is delayed or cancelled.

National Rail is trialling new technology, developed by transport technology company Zipabout, that delivers personalised up-to-date travel information during periods of disruption through the social media marketing app.

Commuters who join the six-month scheme shall receive updates both on regular commutes along with one-off journeys.

These will offer you tailored info on disruptions or delays to journeys, and alternative trains should something be cancelled or delayed.

Passengers can opt in to the trial via the &lsquo now;Keep Me Updated’ button on the National Rail Enquiries website.

The rail network has seen a spate of disruption over timetabling issues, strikes and delays in 2018 (PA)

Information provided covers any delays higher than 10 % of the full total journey time.

Crispin Humm of National Rail said: “We have been focused on putting our customers in the centre of everything we do, which explains why we’re investing to provide new technology which will allow us to supply a far more tailored service, keeping our customers informed during times of disruption.

“This new tool provides customers with useful and relevant information so they will feel in charge of their journeys.”

How do I join the trial?

There are two methods to be a part of the trial, which is live now.

On the National Rail Enquiries website:

1. On the site on your pc or phone, fill in the entire information on your journey like the stations you’re travelling from also to, then click ‘Go’.

2. On another page, select ‘Keep Me Updated’ beneath the set of travel options.

3. If you’re not already logged into Facebook Messenger, you will be prompted to take action.

The updates can be found via Facebook Messenger (PA Archive/PA Images)

4. Third ,, you’ll get a message from National Rail on Messenger welcoming one to the ongoing service, and you also shall have the choice to supply additional journey information to tailor the alerts e.g. “Can you take the journey from the to b regularly?”

5. You’ll receive updates when you can find delays lasting a lot more than 10 % of one’s total journey time. You’ll continue steadily to receive instant updates then.

Through National Rail Enquiries on Messenger or Facebook:

1. Seek out National Rail on Facebook or explore Facebook Messenger directly.

2. If using Facebook Messenger, it is possible to skip this task. If on Facebook, pick the ‘Send Message’ option near the top of the page.

3. With a note open with National Rail Messenger, click ‘Get Started’.

4. Select ‘My Journeys’ from the menu and follow the instructions to tailor your alerts.

How does it work? 

You can opt-in to get alerts on both one-off or regular journeys. 

Regular journey alerts shall provide updates for just about any relevant services around a precise time frame e.g. Monday to Friday running between London Paddington and Oxford station all trains departing on or soon after 8am. 

One-off journey alerts shall only relate with a particular selected service.

Once the ongoing service is established, you shall begin to receive alerts concerning the train journeys you have selected, including delays, cancellations and possible alternative routes (from exactly the same operator) in case of disruption. 

Please remember that there can also be other alternative routes available from different operators via National Rail Enquiries.

You can stop getting updates by entering the menu, clicking ‘My Account’ and choosing the ‘Opt out of messages’.

On your phone, it is possible to delete individual journeys by selecting them and swiping left.