“Nature’s Amazing Machines” Shows The Marvels Of Natural Engineering

“Nature’s Amazing Machines” Shows The Marvels Of Natural Engineering

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DENVER, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Imagine if you could swim 60 miles an hour, your punch could break through aquarium glass or your ears could act as air conditioners. From the inside out, every living thing is a machine built to move and survive. In the new exhibition “Nature’s Amazing Machines,” opening at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on June 16, the whole family will discover the marvels of natural engineering.

Ever wondered how a giraffe’s heart pumps blood up its long neck or how a cheetah is so fast? How a toucan stays cool in the jungle or how insects breathe without lungs? The biomechanics of how animals and plants stay in one piece despite what appear to be insurmountable challenges are fascinating. Using their biological pumps, pipes, insulation, motors and springs, these creatures endure extreme temperatures, find food against fierce competition, circulate their own life-sustaining fluids and defend against the forces of wind and water and the pull of gravity.

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