Need of buying an overseas travel insurance

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International travel insurance plans are available for all travellers going on business purpose, study or on vacation.

Arun and his wife were holidaying in Singapore. Unfortunately his wife meets with a minor accident which led to hospitalization… They had to shell out quite a few Singapore dollars for her check-up and other treatment.. If they had planned an overseas insurance before travelling, situation could have been easily dealt with no out of pocket expenses. There are many travellers like Arun and family who make this mistake of not including a travel insurance to their checklist before they make an overseas travel plan. Good overseas travel insurance can cover you for medical and non-medical emergencies and unforeseen events abroad.

Importance of Overseas Travel Insurance

A well planned trip can also go miserably wrong without a comprehensive international travel insurance plan. Be it for few days, weeks or months, travel insurance is a crucial necessity for every person travelling abroad. Some of the countries like Schengen countries insist every traveller to carry travel insurance during their tour to the region. International travel insurance plans are available for all travellers going on business purpose, study or on vacation. With the ample of options available, you can select a plan based on your need and purpose of travel. Here are few reasons to buy overseas travel insurance:

-Medical Emergency: Medical issues can knock your door anytime. Young, healthy and fit person can also suddenly fall ill due to many reasons. Considering the high medical cost in most of the countries abroad, any unforeseen medical situation can put you in a financial stress. In such situations, travel insurance can help you save on the out-of-pocket medical expenses. It covers healthcare expenses due to illness and accident. Dental care expenses are also covered under these plans.

-Smooth handling of travel disruptions: A flight can be delayed or cancelled due to bad climatic condition. Sometimes, you may have to shift your accommodation due to events like explosion, fire, storm or earthquake etc. Having an overseas travel insurance can save you during such unexpected situations. Travel insurance does cover most of these travel disruptions.

-Peace of mind: Travel insurance can give you peace of mind by protecting you from an unforeseen situation with its comprehensive coverage. Coverage for the overseas medical expenses, loss due to theft, lost baggage and documents, emergency financial assistance and many more can make your travel a hassle-free experience.

What does the policy cover?

-Emergency medical assistance

-Reimbursement for trip cancellation in an urgent situation

-Dental treatment expenses (in case of an emergency)

-Compensation for the flight delay or cancellation

-Allowance for delayed or lost luggage

-Fixed compensation for permanently lost baggage

-Coverage for lost passport and important documents

-Repatriation benefit to move the insured to his/ her origin country

-Accidental cover which covers death and bodily injury causing disability

-Emergency medical evacuation covers while travelling in cruise or flight or anytime during the trip.

-Distress allowance if case of plane hijack

-Liability coverage for the third party- this compensates an unintentional loss or damage caused by your to third party resulting in death, bodily injury or damage to property.

What are the policy exclusions?

-Pre-existing medical conditions

-Expenses incurred for self inflicted illness, suicide, depression, psychological disorder, anxiety, usage of drug or alcohol, Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS

-War or nuclear perils in the country of travel

-Cosmetic surgery and non-allopathic treatments

Mentioned are the generic policy exclusions and inclusions. However, inclusions and exclusions, terms and conditions of the policy slightly vary among insurance providers. Evaluate your need and compare the prices before buying. Read through fine prints to be aware of the scope of coverage.


To conclude, buying an overseas travel insurance for your trip is an ideal way to stay stress-free. Your travel insurer provides you 24/7 assistance on any medical and non-medical mishaps during your travel. Make sure travel insurance is on the top in your travel check list. Overseas travel insurance can be instantly bought online with just a click. It can make your travel experience smooth and memorable.

Stay worry-free and travel smartly!