Network tested for capacity ahead of Royal Funeral

Network tested for capacity ahead of Royal Funeral

The communication network for telecom and broadcasting services to support some 900,000 users who will attend the Royal Cremation Ceremony for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej at Sanam Luang and the Grand Palace area has been tested for capacity.

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) chairman Sukit Khamasunthorn said the NBTC and Royal Thai Police updated communication quality preparations at Sanam Luang yesterday, with the quality of five mobile operators’ networks achieving optimum standards.

The NBTC has insisted all mobile operators must keep optimum network capacity standards around the areas of the ceremony.

The NBTC and police yesterday also jointly simulated a signal interference and found the system can detect the source of a disturbance within 30 minutes.

“The NBTC and police will perform more tests and upgrade the system to ensure it can detect signal disturbance sources in less than 30 minutes as we get closer to the ceremony,” said Gen Sukit.

The team has also prepared six mobile transmission vans around the areas to detect telecom and broadcasting signal interference during the event.

Thailand’s major mobile operators have ramped up their mobile signalling capacities around the Grand Palace and Sanam Luang to handle the anticipated surge in traffic this month as people continue to mourn the passing of His Majesty the King, especially on Oct 26.

The operators have also arranged free WiFi access around the areas.

Wilai Keangpradoo, senior vice-president of public relations for Advanced Info Service (AIS), said the company has increased its WiFi capacity for voice and data, regardless of the operator to which users are subscribed. AIS customers will be able to access AIS Super WiFi at Sanam Luang and all roads surrounding the Grand Palace.