NEVADA tourism boss didn’t record a large number of vacation days

NEVADA tourism boss didn’t record a large number of vacation days

Las Vegas tourism CEO Rossi Ralenkotter didn’t report nearly 200 hours of paid time off he took whilst travelling on personal business using taxpayer-funded gift cards, records show.

He also didn’t log about 100 more time noted on his calendar as “Rossi PTO” or personal trips such as for example attending his grandson’s graduation, records show.

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If the NEVADA Convention and Visitors Authority paid the untaken time off when Ralenkotter retires by the end of the month, it will be worth nearly $65,000 at Ralenkotter’s current salary.

But in reaction to a Review-Journal obtain an interview concerning the topic, Ralenkotter said he declined about $190,000 with time off for untaken personal, sick or vacation days.

“I likely to be compensated for my accrued paid time off never, and such compensation isn’t contemplated in my own retirement agreement,” he said in a written statement. “Actually, I have thousands of hours of accrued paid time off that will go uncompensated. In plain terms, your inquiry is approximately a moot point.”

The relevant questions about Ralenkotter’s failure to devote some time off for personal trips coincides with controversy about his usage of gifts cards for personal travel, along with concerns concerning the severance and consulting package the authority board is defined to go over Tuesday.

Despite Ralenkotter’s statement, LVCVA board member John Lee said the authority should explore why Ralenkotter didn’t report weeks of paid time off to make sure a complete accounting of the problem.

“I believe that his time ought to be audited and really should be properly documented,” said Lee, the former chairman of the board’s policy committee.

Authority policy says unused time off “will undoubtedly be paid” when employees leave the agency based on just how long they worked there. Authority spokeswoman Jacqueline Peterson pointed to the separation agreement that says Ralenkotter won’t receive compensation for unused time off, but she didn’t react to questions about when that provision was decided.

Frequent flyer

In April, auditors announced that the LVCVA secretly bought $90,000 in Southwest Airlines gift cards. The audit came amid an 18-month Review-Journal investigation questioning lavish spending at the taxpayer-funded agency, Ralenkotter’s usage of convention security to chauffeur him to events and the airport and failure to track expensive gifts in the authority warehouse.

Staff used about $20,000 in gift cards for personal travel, the audit showed. Ralenkotter used nearly $17,000 of the cards to fly himself and members of the family on trips. His wife, daughter and son-in-law took flights covered with the gift cards also.

Ralenkotter repaid the expense of the gift cards after auditors uncovered the spending. Metro Police are investigating the misuse of the cards. Week last, police said they will have not found any wrongdoing on Ralenkotter’s part up to now.

Ralenkotter’s statement said he didn’t take paid leave for trips he took to get cancer treatment.

“I’m grateful to the board for allowing me the flexibleness I sometimes needed so as to address my health issues,” the statement said.

Ralenkotter didn’t take 64 hours of time off which were apparently for treatment.

But at the very least 168 hours were for trips to Chicago, Orange Phoenix and County. Public record information show the Ralenkotters have adult children who reside in those certain specific areas.

While a lot of the LVCVA board continues to aid Ralenkotter, Bill and lee Noonan, who chairs the audit committee and is really a gaming executive, have expressed growing concerns about Ralenkotter’s management of the utilization and agency of LVCVA resources for himself and his family.

Personal trips

At least 10 of these personal flights occurred either or wholly during work hours partially, but Ralenkotter didn’t devote some time off for the trips.

The Review-Journal analysis of calendars, pay flight and records times shows you can find 192 hours he must have taken during trips to Chicago; Burbank, California; Orange County, California; and Phoenix.

Ralenkotter noted personal trips or other time off in his calendar totaling about 112 hours but didn’t report enough time as personal hours.

Lee said the failure to check out policies poses a broader problem.

“Because the leader of the business, your ethics as well as your morals regulate how all of those other ongoing company operates,” he said after he was told by the Review-Journal of Ralenkotter’ s failure to off report that paid time. “We must be certain the leadership of the LVCVA is following same guidelines as everybody else. That’s the way you run an effective taxpayer-funded organization.”

Vacation pay

Ralenkotter didn’t disclose time off for 38 workdays. Those will be worth $64,370 predicated on his $211-an-hour salary if he previously not made a decision to forgo the payments.

In 2016, Ralenkotter didn’t off take any paid time. On Sunday gift card flight records show he flew to Chicago, April 24, along with his wife, Mary Jo, sunday and returned the next. Ralenkotter’s daughter lives in a Chicago suburb.

Ralenkotter and his wife also flew to Orange County and spent four days there after Independence Day. June in, Ralenkotter and his wife spent three days in Burbank, where he was receiving treatment for cancer.

Ralenkotter used LVCVA gift cards to cover at least section of those trips. He didn’t apply some of that right time and energy to his accrued time off, records show.

Ralenkotter’s calendar notes that on Aug. 17, 2017, he flew to Phoenix, where his son lives, at 6 a.m. and returned at 6 p.m., for the graduation of his grandson apparently.

Christmas holidays are another right time that raises substantial questions. Ralenkotter’s calendars say PTO from Dec. 21, 2017, through Jan. 3, 2018, but he didn’t put in for just about any of that time period that wasn’t LVCVA holidays.

the household owns

The Review-Journal of NEVADA Sands Corp. CEO and chairman Sheldon Adelson. NEVADA Sands Corp. operates the Sands Convention and Expo Center.

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LVCVA meeting on Tuesday

Tuesday’s NEVADA Convention and Visitors Authority board meeting and an LVCVA compensation committee meeting will undoubtedly be live-streamed on the NEVADA Review-Journal’s Facebook page.

Several items linked to retiring CEO Rossi Ralenkotter’s retirement plan will undoubtedly be reviewed by the board and committee.

The committee meeting shall begin at 8 a.m., accompanied by the board meeting at 9.

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