New Air India Milan Director

New Air India Milan Director

Rajender Kumar is the new Director of Air India Milan. He is being entrusted with the management of the territory of Northern Italy within the geographical boundaries with the official title of “Station Manager Milano” whose activities extend to the management of Air India flights to Milan Malpensa airport.

During the 35 years of activity with Air India which started in Amristar in 1982, R. Kumar has held important positions at the New Delhi office with tasks in the field of tourism and public relations, as well as the sales department and sales unit.

In the tourism division, he will be responsible for the promotion of incoming passenger traffic with Air India flights, the management of business trips and congress activities, familiarization travel activities, and other important events as well as special projects connected with tour operators.

Among his airport experiences at N. Delhi, he has covered flight management, passenger traffic, and handling of foreign carriers.

After an experience in Dubai, Terminal II, with duties as a manager with full responsibility for airport operations, from here he transfered to Milan. Air India Express was part of N. Delhi, Terminal III, in 2015 until January 10, 2018.

“My plan for future business development will focus on the further growth of the travel and cargo sectors originating from the territory of northern Italy of my competence and in particular from the Milan area with special attention to benefits and facilitation for the passengers,” said Mr. Kumar.

“As for action plans to deal with competition, (not least of Alitalia on India), I would like to point out that Air India has always managed its activities in a competitive context.”

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