New Campus’Air Service Launched by WestJet Cargo

New Campus'Air Service Launched by WestJet Cargo
New Campus'Air Service Launched by WestJet Cargo

WestJet Cargo recently introduced its latest service, Campus’Air, which aims to offer students and university employees affordable shipping options for their belongings. This new service expands WestJet Cargo’s range of offerings to meet the distinct requirements of the academic sector, strengthening its overall shipping solutions.

Campus’Air is a key component of WestJet Cargo‘s continuous dedication to investing in the community and creating a more promising future for Canada. Through the Campus’Air initiative, eligible students and staff from specific Canadian universities will benefit from a reduction on standard freight rates for domestic shipments of personal belongings. The discount guarantees that the service remains affordable and convenient, assisting students and faculty members in efficiently handling their shipping requirements.

To be eligible for the Campus’Air discount, one must be a current student or employee at one of the universities participating in the program. Typically, shipments are delivered within 24 hours after processing, depending on flight availability and connecting options. The Campus’Air program is currently limited to domestic shipments. WestJet Cargo advises students from universities not yet included to contact them for potential future participation.

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