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New Visitor Information Centre (VIC) in Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg

Joburg Tourism is marking Tourism Month this season by unveiling not merely the brand new Visitor Information Centre (VIC) in Nelson Mandela Square, but an updated also, fresh website and a mobi-app.

The Tourism Unit within the Department of Economic Development’s strategic objective would be to promote Johannesburg towards being the main African destination of preference for both business and leisure in order to:

  • Improve seasonality, amount of tourist and stay spend during visits to Joburg.
  • Improve the diversity of the tourism offering in Joburg.
  • Build a confident image / perception for the populous city among local, international and national audiences.

“Based on the prioritisation of achieving increased visitor arrivals in the town and contributing towards the economic growth target of 5% by 2021, Joburg Tourism seeks means of increasing its footprint and presence throughout Gauteng, at various strategic locations, which include Nelson Mandela Square.

The new VIC can be found in the center of Sandton, Africa’s most iconic square mile, and placed for both business and leisure travellers ideally, that are key to contributing towards growth targets outlined by the City’s administration.

“In line with the Liberty Group report (Two Degree, released on 06/09/2017), Sandton comes with an annual average foot traffic more than 24 million, it serves because the perfect location for the brand new VIC hence,” says Cllr Leah Knott, MMC for Economic Development at the populous city of Johannesburg.   Joburg Tourism currently operates a satellite VIC at Park Station also.


Thus, Joburg Tourism`s operations are guided by the City’s 10 Priority Implementation Plans (PIPs). The Tourism department plays a part in two of these significantly, namely: 5% Economic Growth and Job Creation – reducing unemployment to under 20% by 2021.

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The launch of the VIC can be an opportune time and energy to unveil the upgraded also, interactive Joburg Tourism website and the brand new Mobile App – which also present opportunities for tourism-related businesses (SMMEs) to list or verify their details and take advantage of the exposure the website will provide along with other related marketing initiatives.

About Tourism Month


The Sandton VIC and website launch has been chosen to coincide with Tourism,

which occurs from 1 – september annually 30, day with the highlight being UNWTO World Tourism, each year on 27 September celebrated globally.

day was started by the US World Tourism Organization in 1980

World Tourism. This specific date was selected since it was with this day that the laws of the UNWTO arrived to force in 1970.  That is considered as a significant landmark for the global tourism industry, since it aims to create people aware of the significant role of tourism in the international community – along with illustrating how it impacts social, economic, cultural  and political values.

United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has declared the 2018 theme as “Digital Tourism&rdquo and Transformation;.  In this spirit, day 2018 for World Tourism, the theme must find local translation and interpretation inside our 2018 activities, stakeholder and projects engagements, day and also the celebration of World Tourism.

Joburg Tourism Website and Mobi App Overview

One of Joburg Tourism’s core mandates would be to provide online tourism information, alongside online association and SMME support.  So as to embrace international technological trends also to remain competitive in the digital sphere, Joburg Tourism is rolling out a mobile app, while redeveloping its website to become more user-friendly also, appealing also to ensure it is mobi-friendly. The web site will undoubtedly be launching as www.visit.joburg