New way to pay for your travel a step closer

New way to pay for your travel a step closer

18 June 2018

A single way to pay for your bus, train or ferry service is a step closer today following the call for interest from the market to provide a national integrated ticketing solution using world leading technology.

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“Wellington is working with other public transport authorities across the country and the New Zealand Transport Agency to deliver a state-of-then-art way of paying for travel on buses, trains and ferries,” says Barbara Donaldson, Chair of Greater Wellington’s Sustainable Transport Committee. “We’re particularly excited to be the first region to go-live with the new system in the next couple of years.”

“Providing a fully integrated ticketing system is a key part of our transformation of Wellington’s Metlink public transport network and our customers tell us they want a single way to pay on all Metlink services, because it will make their travel and their lives simpler.

“People are used to using a single card or a phone to pay for a range of services and products. We need to keep up with their expectations, otherwise we risk losing customers to other forms of transport. The easier we make it for customers the more they will use public transport, and that’s good for our communities and the environment, and will help reduce pressure on our roads.

“The new system will support new fares and concessions that allow customers to move seamlessly between Metlink services.

“A single national ticketing system means we can get rid of duplication across councils and costs are shared with a range of organisations, which is good for ratepayers. Smaller councils will get access to an advanced ticketing system they might never have been able to manage alone.

“It’s been a long and complex project getting to this point but the benefits to customers of having a single, national way to pay for public transport will be ground-breaking in New Zealand. In the interim, we’re about to introduce Snapper as the single electronic payment system on all Metlink buses across Greater Wellington.”


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