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New Zealanders concur that tourism is good.

Monday 17 December 2018

Regional Tourism New Zealand cautions the sector against complacency as more New Zealanders concur that tourism is good.

Regional Tourism New Zealand (RTNZ) is cautioning the tourism sector never to become complacent in its management of tourism growth despite the fact that more New Zealanders agree international tourism is wonderful for New Zealand.

The Mood of the country research released today shows that 95 percent of New Zealanders agree international tourism is good – three points on last year&rsquo up;s result.

Charlie Ives, RTNZ Executive Officer said, “To possess 95% of New Zealanders recognising tourism as an integral contributor to the economy is a superb result however the sector should never become complacent since it wouldn’t take much to shift public sentiment in another direction.”

“Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) exist because regions see benefit in attracting people to them. For quite some time regional tourism promotion was about growing visitor numbers and it’s understandable that some grouped communities may have felt overwhelmed by visitors sometimes. That’s why RTOs are increasingly employed in the destination management space to make sure their regions not merely reap the benefits of international visitors but locals continue steadily to enjoy their communities , nor feel disadvantaged by tourism.”

“By 2025 it really is forecast that international visitors shall reach 5.0 million, from the existing 3 up.5 million. As the public’s current perception of tourism is good, increased visitor numbers will make it harder to keep that degree of acceptance.”

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Of the 5.0 million it really is expected that 1.4 million will undoubtedly be visiting friends and relatives (VFR), 350,000 will undoubtedly be business travellers and 2.8 million will undoubtedly be international holiday arrivals. The rest of the 450,000 belong to the ‘other’ category.

“Holiday arrivals tend to be viewed as putting probably the most strain on communities and they are likely to increase by 800,000 to 2.8 million by 2025. To make sure New Zealanders continue steadily to see benefit in tourism it’s important that they know how the sector works – that visitors don’t all come concurrently, nor do each of them flock to exactly the same place and that infrastructure has been set up to control this tourism growth.”

“Put simply, we must put the numbers into perspective and make certain New Zealanders understand that the sector is really as invested in caring for the brand new Zealand because they are.”

“Recent initiatives just like the Tiaki Promise which encourages all people to look after the united states is a wonderful exemplory case of the tourism industry spending so much time to teach our visitors, both domestic and international. It’s actually an excellent reminder to people through the summer break that New Zealand is something to be taken care of irrespective of if you’re certainly are a visitor or perhaps a lucky enough to call home here.”


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