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News report: Flights cost for Trump’s MT campaign visits nearly $3M

HELENA – The air-travel cost for President Trump’s four campaign visits to Montana this season was nearly $3 million – and that doesn’t include other costs just like the Secret support and Service personnel, this week a news website reported.

The website Quartz, which examined Department of Defense figures for the usage of Air Force One, said the elected president;s flights to a lot more than 40 campaign rallies to get Republican candidates this season cost about $17 million.

Air travel for his four trips to Montana totaled $2.9 million – including $1.july 5 trip to Great Falls 2 million for his, the second-most expensive of his campaign flights, Quartz reported.

He also visited Billings, Bozeman and missoula, to campaign for Republican U primarily.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, who lost to Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester.

It’s unclear just how much of these costs are found by the taxpayer. Up to now, the president’s re-election campaign have not reported spending money on any specific expenses in Montana.

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A spokesman for the Federal Election Commission said if the president’s campaign incurs those costs, they must be reported.

Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign create the rallies in Montana and elsewhere, to aid Republican candidates.

The president’s re-election campaign’s latest report, from July through September which covers activity, listed zero expenses for Montana, from the $7.7 million spent by the campaign. In July and Billings in September trump visited Great Falls.

The Trump re-election campaign didn’t react to questions about whether or the way the rally has been reported because of it expenses.

Trump flew to the Montana rallies aboard Air Force One, the president’s official airplane.

Quartz said the Trump campaign reported $113,000 in “travel expenses: air” april in March and.

The report said the air-travel expense of another Montana trips was $952,000 for flying to Missoula, $575,000 for the Billings trip, and $122,000 for the Bozeman trip, that day that was 1 of 2 stops for the president.

Story by Mike Dennison, MTN News