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Not just a unique occurance: how plane problems have plagued German policians' travel

Merkel’s plane after creating a landling in Cologne on Thursday evening. Photo: DPA

For the German Luftwaffe or air force – and the wider military, referred to as the Bundeswehr – the chancellor’s plane issues were the most recent in a string of mishaps which have made headlines recently.

Germany’s air force on Friday was investigating a significant technical mishap on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plane that forced a crisis landing and delayed her arrival at the G20 summit by a lot more than 12 hours.

The latest embarrassing glitch for the German military forced Merkel to instead have a commercial flight to Buenos Aires with a vastly reduced delegation and miss scheduled talks with several world leaders.

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Yet this is simply not the 1st time in recent history a high-profile German politician has been problem by plane troubles.

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In October, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz had to have a commercial flight home from the summit in Bali, Indonesia after rats had chewed through cables of the Konrad Adenauer, disabling the aircraft for days.

In June, issues with the hydraulics system on a single plane forced President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to take an alternative solution aircraft to Minsk.

And in 2015, technical issues with the Konrad Adenauer forced Merkel and five ministers to produce a flight to India on a A310 military troop transporter.

The military, which complains to be underfunded and overstretched, is definitely dogged by way of a group of equipment failures which have also grounded fighter jets and kept submarines and tanks out of service.

Its G36 assault rifle became the butt of jokes after reports it had trouble firing straight at high temperatures, and has been eliminated.

In other setbacks of modern times, German Tornado surveillance aircraft scrapped night missions due to a glare problem involving cockpit displays and pilots’ goggles.

Last year Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen took an Airbus A400M to Lithuania showing off the brand new transport aircraft, but engine trouble grounded it and forced her to come back home on a decades-old Transall C-160 transporter.