Novelist Amanda Smith explores the psychology of travel & relocation in her new book 'The Inner Fire'

, Novelist Amanda Smith explores the psychology of travel & relocation in her new book 'The Inner Fire', TravelWireNews | World News
, Novelist Amanda Smith explores the psychology of travel & relocation in her new book 'The Inner Fire', TravelWireNews | World News

The most crucial area of the voyage isn’t the physical one. Writer Amanda Smith gives insight into this basic idea.

When you hear the title “novelist” you likely have 1 of 2 stereotypes in your thoughts, sensationalist or high-browed purist; Amanda Smith neither is. In reality, she’s the antithesis of the. 

An adventurous travel writer (she’s visited fifty plus countries so far in her career) who spent some time working for numerous online outlets (like the Upsider,, even Google’s Travel app), Smith communicates her personal experiences in a manner that allows readers to believe that they’re walking alongside her and living as soon as instantly. 

Following great prompting, she’s undertaken the writing of her first novel The Inner Fire: A deep exploration by way of a traveller, for travellers. Month set for release next, that is unlike any presumption you have about travel books completely. It is a descriptive view of the knowledge to be a traveller it doesn’t concentrate on the locations themselves, however the emotional journey that follows the physical one rather. For many who consider themselves part gypsy, if only temporarily even, this promises to function as most insightful guidebook yet. 

Many people travel for work but movement is really Amanda’s work. Years back, she found that her naturally capability to communicate through writing allowed her to gift the feelings she felt concerning the locations she visited to her readers. Being gainfully utilized by an eclectic band of clients sent her for some of the very most beautiful, enchanting, dangerous, and historical places imaginable on the world. 

After two steady years of navigating the world, she returned home and found herself in an ongoing state of unease. Reintegration to her normal frequency was a lot more than challenging. It had been in this right time that she became alert to and began investigating this phoenix cycle experienced by travellers. 

The discoveries she made and the premise for the written book captured the eye of Media-Connect. A division of Finn Partners (headquartered in NY), Media-Connect is really a award-winning and critically-acclaimed leader in the media relations placement field. What the business so astutely recognized is that Smith’s novel spoke to the brand new generation of traveller within an era when companies like Airbnb, Uber, among others have proven that the worthiness of experience has exceeded that of possessions. 

Amanda’s travel writing had established her within an network that admires and pertains to her as an individual and a specialist. With this particular novel, she gives greater access and insight to her personal journey along with those that share her passion for adventure. 

The core message of the book is that probably the most impactful section of one’s journey may be the one you’re likely unacquainted with. Because the label phoenix cycle indicates, travel (particularly extensive travel) changes who you’re. You return home nevertheless, you won’t be the same one who used to call home there. It’s educational but a lot more so it is spiritual. NASA understood this and created a scheduled program for the astronauts to be reintroduced to the earth. Despite the fact that we leave the earth never, we all have been subject to an identical mindset. 

Amanda relates, “The book is both self-help and narrative. The reader is wanted by me to learn that travel is approximately transformation, not transportation. It is the ultimate type of consciousness where you’re stripped of all you know and a rebirth may appear. That is why it’s difficult another home, not because people desire to escape their reality but because that shift has occurred within them. It’s hard because they’ve returned ‘home’ to themselves.” 

“I needed to create a book that could help others going right through that, told via my journey and that of other’s, exploring theories & concepts, introducing frameworks that can help people overcome after that it. Everyone’s experience differs and I’d like this to become a resource with options instead of dictating THE solution to do it. I really believe we all proceed through these transitions in life but you can find more ‘births and deaths’ in travel compared to the typical person is subjected to.” 

The official synopsis of the novel states: “The Inner Fireis an exploration of the phoenix cycle experienced by all travellers: New experiences growing into great joy, fading then, absence, grief, and into something new back. Western society teaches us that loss equates grief. Travelling teaches us that the tiny Grief is everywhere; that grief isn’t about experiencing a death of some section of us. However the book prompts readers to ask themselves this: imagine if it had been just the spark of something new? In Inner Fire, Amanda tells her story about 2 yrs surviving in this phoenix cycle. Peppered with the entire lives and memories of other people who have observed life-changing shifts, she takes readers on a journey: An emotional ride through a few of life’s deepest, unexpected sometimes, feelings.