Nuke hashtags? Elon Musk takes aim at social media ‘abomination’

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Hashtags may still reign supreme on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter but a scathing interjection from none other than tech entrepreneur Elon Musk just might undermine their hegemony.

The business magnate blasted the rampant tags on Twitter on Saturday, simply declaring: “Hashtags are an abomination.” The message obviously struck a chord with many as it quickly racked up more than 30,000 likes in just a couple of hours.

As is frequently the case when the meme enthusiast issues a social media decree, many responded to his remarks with memes and mockery. A response that simply read: “#agreed” generated more than 5,000 likes.

“When you’re President of Mars, you can liberate the people from hashtags. #Musk4martianpresident,” another commenter wrote.

However, many got on board with the SpaceX founder’s fatwa. “In python [the programming language] hashtags are used to tell the computer that a line is not worth reading, much like in social media,” one person noted.

Musk’s attack on hashtags comes just a day after the 48-year-old sparked another Twitter frenzy by dramatically revisiting plans to terraform Mars using nuclear bombs. “Nuke Mars!” he tweeted in a message that spawned over 230,000 likes and countless news articles across the world.

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