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Of history and geography : Tourism Co-operation ?
– The Sangai Express Editorial :: June 25 2019 –

Beautiful inter play of history and geography.

If the history of World War II is responsible for the Japanese Government to take a keen interest in the State, then it is geography which has pitchforked Manipur to the centre stage of India’s Act East Policy.

The opportunities that come along with this special position should not be allowed to get lost.

To a large extent much will depend on how the Government at Imphal is able to reap the benefits of this history and geography.

It was in line with this that Manipur hosted the Platinum Jubilee of the Battle of Imphal on June 22 and the world saw the inauguration of the Peace Museum at Maibam Lotpa Ching in Nambol Assembly Constituency the same day.

Underlining the relevance of the day was the presence of Ambassador of Japan to India, Kenji Hiramatsu and the British High Commissioner to India Dominic Asquith.

A number of who is who of Manipur led by Chief Minister N Biren too attended the commemorative function of the Platinum Jubilee of Battle of Imphal at the auditorium of MSFDS. Remains to be seen how the State is able to capitalise on the opportunity that is bound to come for its close association with World War II and for being the gateway of India’s Act East Policy.

This is where the State Government will need to put its best foot forward giving no rooms to mediocrity while chalking out any policies and programmes.

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If the Government at Imphal is unable to chalk out suitable policies and programmes then most of the opportunities that are bound to come will be lost.

So how well prepared is the State Government ?

How did the State manage to sell itself to the visiting dignitaries ?

Was the State Government able to impress the Ambassador of Japan and the British High Commissioner ?

Was the right approach adopted to show case Manipur in the most befitting manner ?

Time alone may be able to answer these posers, but remember the State Government cannot afford to project itself as a sloppy, untidy, unkempt dispensation in any manner underlining the point that attention should be given to the minutest of details.

It was just an invitation card extended to the invitees of the commemorative function held at MSFDS on June 22, but it was an important event.

The importance of the commemorative function can also be seen in the manner in which the event was given widespread coverage by the media in Imphal.

Coming back to the invitation card of the event, it was distasteful to see that not enough attention was given while printing the same.

Manipur Tourism Co-operation Limited, as written on the invitation card reeked of utter indifference to the importance of the day.

It also spoke volumes about the mentality of the people responsible for printing the same.

A clear reflection that not enough attention was given.

A trivial matter it may be, but this is the age when attention is expected to be given even to the minutest of details.

The visiting dignitaries may not have noted the gross error of the word Co-operation coming for Corporation but this is not how the State should be presented to guests, especially guests from outside the country.

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