Oh, I’m an Alien, I’m A Legal Alien

It is very common in our day, that many people not only travel to different counties but also go abroad for work or studying. While this is a trivial practice, people all over the world keep moving all over and over. There is almost none of the country that has not been discovered by the tourists. The globalization process has set its routes quite deeply in all of us and almost throughout all of the nations.

While stating that, there are different countries of the destinations, consequently different countries have different activities and facilities to take up and try, which makes them interesting for the destination for one or another reason. It is very obvious that you will not go to France in order to taste a German beer, or you will not go to Germany in order to taste some of the frog legs, similarly to that, it is very unlikely that you will go to Australia in order to visit the best online casino Australia to play slots and table games. Though what you will most likely do is that, taste some of the snails in France as well as visit the Eiffel Tower, you will have some of the famous German beer and visit some of the beer gardens, as well as visit national parks in Australia and watch Kangaroos jumping all around you.

Despite the reason for your traveling to one or another country, it is said that “East or West, Home is Best”!

Here we will have a general look at the most common reasons for traveling and will try to give you some useful tips, in order to make you feel less like an alien.

Dora The Explorer

Be Young, Wild, And Free

The best idea of how to spend your money is, of course, go pack your backpack and choose your destination, or you can even choose the start and later decide with the final destination.

The main thing for you to remember is that make the trip which is adapted to your affords and opportunities. For example, if you are a university student does not go straight to the Bahamas, or Bora Bora Island. It is very unlikely that you can finance yourself at the college years and travel to quite luxury destinations. Unless of course, your family has the opportunity to pay for you or you are the young made billionaire such as Kylie Jenner.

While being a student at the university, you and your friends will be willing to have as much fun as possible, well at least that was our goal while studying at the university. In order to make it the best way you can, choose an affordable place to go. Consider the fact that not all of you may have the same financial circumstances, which means that no one should be excluded from the trip because of not having enough funds to catch up with you.

Choose the place, a city or village. After that, choose a budget place to stay in. It is a lot easier when there is a gang of you so that you can simply choose a student hostel, which is pretty okay and does not cost much. To make it even better, take tents and sleeping mattresses with you and stay at any possible location on the way. It will be adventurous and memorable for sure. Do not forget mosquito spray and the wet wipes, you will need a lot of them if following this plan.

Keep being safe and conscious especially with strangers and especially if you decided to visit the country the native language of which is unknown to you. Usually, the locals will be trying to charge you a lot more or lying to you. Use your smartphones, Google Translate or Alexa. AI works pretty much everywhere if you have connection of course.

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Take Tours

If you decided to take a vacation from work and want a simple couple of sweet and memorable days to spend with your friends or partner, check the available tours. The reason why tours work is that they have almost everything included in the package. That is very handy because after working too much and finally having several days off, you simply do not want to bother about anything and want a good relaxation.

If you recognize yourself in the paragraph then, check out travel agencies which you know or you have heard of. Ask for offers, then compare them and choose the most suitable for you.

When you book a tour with a travel agency, it means that you are most likely to be with a group of people. It is not necessary to talk with all of them or to become best friends with them, though you will definitely feel less lonely and stranger in a foreign place, which gives you the feeling of additional safety.

Doors Wide Open

There is a saying “Everywhere is good, wherever we are not”.

Most people think that it always feels good when you are abroad in a foreign country and that everybody is welcoming and the country just can’t wait to have them as tourists. Do Not believe this. Yes, tourism is one of the most important economical spheres for the country, but none of the doors are wide open for specifically you.

By that being said, consider the fact that you are an additional income for the country where you are traveling to.

Traveling for work or studies always differs from tourism. The most important difference is that, once you are a tourist, you can afford and do pretty much everything, as you are visiting the country for a limited time period and well you want to take as much as possible, you want to try as much as possible.

Everything changes once you move to a foreign country for the reason of studying or working. This is when everything starts over once again. You have to live on your own and get adapted to the situation which is offered to you because while being a foreigner, you are slightly limited in options. It is good if you have already decided on the living period as it will be easier to distribute everything consequently.

The worst thing that happens to people who move to a foreign country for one reason or another is that they get depressed.

Depression can be caused by different altitudes. Lack of friends, lack of familiar to you people. Lack of your own space and feeling of loneliness and feeling of being small in a huge room. Once you overcome those obstacles it will be a lot easier for you to find your place.

The advice from experienced travelers is the following. Occupy yourself as much as you can, find places that you like visiting, if not friends, then at least have a pet. The last one was a joke, as you will have difficulties finding apartment where you are allowed to have a pet with you. Though, jokes aside, make friends or get to know different people.

Have you gone to university? Then, no worries you will be able to find companions and you are not the only one. Most universities have exchange students, who also feel strangers just like you and it is normal. Though do not miss opportunities for getting to know new people, it is both fun and educational.

Almost the same scenario is with moving to a foreign country for work. Though, if you entered the country it means that you have already been accepted to a job, you have your working visa unless you are an EU or US citizen. If it is so, and this story is about you, your colleagues will be waiting for your arrival as working with a foreigner is always interesting. Cultural exchange is a key factor, use it as your priority. Don’t worry, in this case, you most likely will have to work for quite a lot in the beginning in order to catch up with the new rhythm and consequently do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you want, it will help you in overcoming the barrier.

The very helpful thing to do is, thanks to the globalization process and technological development again, Video Blogs – Vlogs. Record video daily or several days a week, record places where you go, where you live, share your cultural experience, share your impressions and thoughts. Then you can share it on your social media platform, where all your followers, friends and family members can check. Via sharing Video Blogs feelings of loneliness and immaturity will slightly lessen. Who knows, maybe you are next influencer as well.

While being an alien, at least make sure that you are a legal alien!

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