Oman- March in Al Qabil village to boost tourism in Sharqiyah

Oman- March in Al Qabil village to boost tourism in Sharqiyah

(MENAFN – Muscat Daily) Muscat- Around 80 people marched 5km through the quaint village of Mudhairib in the wilayat of Al Qabil on Saturday. This is the second such march to have been organised by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) to promote the undiscovered tourist attractions of Sharqiyah governorates.

The first one was held on December 7 in Ibra’s Manzafah village and the third one is slated to be conducted from Wadi Bani Khalid to Wadi Tiwi in Sur between December 21 and 22. The third march will see around 60 participants covering 40km.

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The campaign is being organised by MoT in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports Affairs to highlight both popular and undiscovered tourist sites in the governorate and encourage youth to engage in outdoor activities.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Talal Khalfan al Shuaibi, director of Tourism in North Sharqiyah governorate said, ‘Both the marches started at 7am and concluded at 9am and participants walked 5km in both villages. The Manzafah village march saw around 100 participants. Diverse cultural and recreational activities too were held showcasing traditional markets and archaeological sites. Such activities are being held to boost domestic tourism and inculcate love for outdoor activities among youth in our country.’

Shuaibi explained how these marches are also a way to trace the footsteps of ancestors. ‘These marches seek to trace the trail of our forefathers who lived in the different wilayats of Sharqiyah. These places are rich in culture and heritage and so great tourist sites too.’

The campaign is also being seen a platform to attract the youth in the region to come foreword and help in building the tourism potential of a country that boasts of a varied landscape. ‘We call on youth in these regions to cooperate with us in showing the world what our country has,’ said Shuaibi.


Oman- March in Al Qabil village to boost tourism in Sharqiyah

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