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Oman tourism: Visit Jalan Bani Bu Ali for its calm beaches and mild weather

Jalan Bani Bu Ali in South Al Sharqiyah could be the perfect place for your weekend getaway. Located almost 300 kilometres away from Muscat, it has many tourist spots and archaeological sites, in addition to being a unique geographical setting.

But what sets this place apart from the rest is that unlike other tourist spots, the beaches of South Al Sharqiyah have a calm and mild weather throughout the year, making it a convenient destination for tourists at any time of the year.

Ali Al Sunaidi is an able photographer who has used his talent to capture some beautiful shots to showcase the pristine coastal area of Jalan Bani Bu Ali.

Pristine coastal area of Jalan Bani Bu Ali.

Sharing his thoughts on his passion, the 28-year-old Ali said: “I have been a keen photographer since childhood and have always wanted to take photographs of my village, Al Ashqar, known for its cool atmosphere throughout the year.”

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“The temperature here near the beaches ranges between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius during the day and goes lower at night,” Ali added.

The photos and videos that Ali captures also reflect the various activities performed by the people living in this area, and include camping, and meetings with the elderly who gather to enjoy the game, Al Hawalees. Apart from that, Ali also loves capturing action shots of fishermen and children.

Ali loves capturing action shots of children.

“I have done extensive photography of Al Ashkharah, Al Heda, Al Bandar, Al Ruwais, Al Daffah and Al Khabah,” he said, adding that he does not follow any fixed time for photography.

“Any time I feel it is suitable to take a picture, I take one. Sometimes it takes lot of time in preparing ideas, choosing the right angle and in editing the pictures, but I thoroughly enjoy my work,” he added.