Open to the public: How civilization got on its current path

Open to the public: How civilization got on its current path


The People of the Great Stones Symposium welcomes contributions from researchers, scholars and keepers of cultural heritage working across diverse disciplines, sites and practices. And now this symposium is open to the public.

Megaliths, mounds, kivas and cairns: monumental ceremonial and ritual spaces are hallmarks of human development that predate agriculture and technology. In March 2018, researchers from around the world will gather on Florida’s Gulf Coast to explore and share the traditions of various indigenous people in pursuit of a better understanding of how civilization got on its current path.

International presenters at the symposium will include the Senior Curator of pre-pyramid, pre-Stonehenge megalithic temples that are the remains of an advanced prehistoric civilization. A rock art specialist from Portugal and a Romanian expert in late prehistoric archaeology are also expected to join American enthusiasts.

A satellite exhibition and interpretive installation will be featured, as well as a local field trip. Non-presenting observers are welcome to attend if registered.

The symposium is organized by The OTS Foundation, a United States of America not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational foundation dedicated to research and public outreach concerning the Neolithic (New Stone Age) in Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as an international provider for the Road Scholar organization of adventures in lifelong learning.


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