Parties, travel top residents’ New Year plans

Arham Talib, a Muscat resident said, “I will be travelling to Dubai to celebrate the New Year with my friends. This year it will be special as my favourite band – Coldplay will perform.” Talib said that he had fulfilled his resolutions unlike most people. He said, “I really believe in resolutions and look forward to fulfilling them. For this year, I had planned for a completion of a project and a new car. They have been fulfilled despite the weak economic conditions.”

Ramiya Silva, a private sector employee said, “I usually celebrate with my friends here. But this time, I am planning to celebrate the New Year with my fiancé.” Sharon D’souza, a homemaker said, “I will be staying at home as we have utilised all our holidays to go around. This time we will be hosting a dinner and spending some time with friends.”

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Ahmed Masrouri, a government employee, said he will be spending the New Year’s Eve at Burj Khalifa in Dubai. “I will watch fireworks there and then go for a dinner at my family’s favourite restaurant.” Subash Melazhi, who is employed in a logistics firm in Dubai, is in Oman to spend the New Year’s Eve with his friends. “I plan to meet my friends and spend some time with them. We need to start the New Year with a bang.”

The decline in oil prices and cost-cutting measures have affected some people’s plans. Dipthi Kamath, an intern said, “I hope to get a job next year.

I was planning to celebrate the New Year in Thailand but I had to drop it as most of my friends were not ready for the tour.” Several hotels in the city will be hosting events on New Year’s Eve.

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