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Party of Four: How to Travel with a Family (With your Sanity in Tact)

Party of Four- Jake, Avery, Kelley and Jace

By Jake Conlee

It has been quite some time since I have attempted to share something on this wonderful site, but Jake The Unruly is back, and now I have a little family in tow.

With my oldest daughter having just graduated from Fernley High School, and my baby Chuck in California with her mother, we have two little ones added to our family’s roster. My vivacious and ever-excited three-year-old Avery and my perennially surly one-year-old Jace are now part of our travel plans. I must also take the time to introduce my incredibly patient and wonderful girlfriend Kelley as the rock that keeps us all fed and in order. If it weren’t for her, I’m sure that countless personal items would be left in many hotel rooms across the West.

We operate out of Las Vegas, and the brunt of our travels will be on the ground. As many of you that travel with little ones already know, and those of you that recall those road trips as children yourself can remember, it can be trying on the patience of parents. “Don’t make me turn this car around …” or the equally eponymous, “Don’t make me come back there …” I know you remember.

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I will let you know also, that our children do not have tablets to keep them company, I have a skewed view as to how technology can have a lasting effect on our youth today. But that subject is for another time and place. We have music, snacks and each other to pass the many hours spent on the road between stops.

We will be sharing suggestions and experiences we have had road-tripping as a Party of Four. All of these trips have been done on strict financial and time constraints and are all within hours of this beautiful city that we live in. They can be altered to your own family or would be equally as fun as a Party of Two, or Three, or Five. The Southwest quadrant of this country is what we have covered thus far, and as our travels extend, so will these editorials. Nevada, Arizona, Utah, California will all be covered, with more to come!

This is created with families in mind, and mainly those which are looking to get away from the heat, the hustle, the bustle and relative madness of Las Vegas. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I love Las Vegas, but sometimes the best part is leaving it.

This is an all-new column to the Informer Media Group, and with the blessing of my very patient editors, Joe and Debbie, I would like to build it into something that families can share with one another.

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