Peakwork product news ITB 2018: New solutions boost international travel distribution

Peakwork product news ITB 2018: New solutions boost international travel distribution

DUSSELDORF – Peakwork has optimized and expanded its solutions for dynamic packaging and distribution of travel offers across all stages of the supplier processing chain. The technical setup of new solutions has been significantly accelerated, travel offers can be searched and booked even faster in international markets.

Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork, explains: “All of Peakwork’s products are scalable and flexible to adapt to the business models and processes of our customers. For example, new travel offers with hotels of external partners are visible and can be booked internationally on our customers’ own travel portals, on metasearch or in travel agencies much more quickly.“

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Portfolio management and packaging
One essential new development is the portfolio management solution for hotel offers: Tour operators and OTA customers can use a web-based front-end to combine and control their product offering and quickly make adjustments displayed in their distribution channels.

Hotel master data, including hotel name, star category and arrival airports, are defined and maintained. For a clear and unique presentation of the hotel portfolio across all sales channels, hotel codes, room codes and board codes are issued rule-based. Redundant offers are deduped following delivery and optimized for distribution. Travel offers are presented consistently so the end customer finds the best hotel offer without complex offer comparisons. Additional services, such as airport transfers, can be combined with the hotel offer. The tour operator can also enter additional information and comments that will be displayed when the customer makes a booking request or booking.

For international sales, the portfolio management solution offers optimized features such as multi language and the determination of exchange rates, which can be adjusted at any time. Likewise, calculations and distribution channels are managed flexibly. For tour operators, portfolio management is now transparent and simplified significantly for the first time in a user-friendly front-end.

Hotel and Package IBE for B2C distribution
Peakwork offers an Internet Booking Engine (IBE), which can be individually configured to build travel portals rapidly. It’s already in use by the first customer internationally. The IBE takes maximum advantage of the extensive open search options via the Peakwork network. Especially in international markets, tour operators can access a solution to quickly launch a sales platform with product portfolio from the entire Peakwork network. Peakwork’s connectivity to global metasearchers makes these offers searchable and bookable across multiple markets, and even offers the potential for upsell, e.g. if a customer looks for a hotel to sell the complete holiday package.

Agent portal for B2B distribution
Also new for tour operators, is an individually configurable consulting and booking environment for B2B sales partners, travel agencies and call centers. Using the multilingual web application, travel agents can book tour operator’s products and brands from the entire portfolio of a tour operator group.

What’s new and unique in the solution is a high-performance upsell module with a price-performance matrix: Travel agents can quickly and clearly see the prices for additional services such as room or board upgrades, different flight times or longer stays, thus giving the agents a completely new level of transparency regarding price differences and product added values.

The agent portal solution is particularly interesting for tour operators in new markets that do not have booking systems with access to multiple tour operators. The sales software is already in use at a leading international tour operator.

Peakwork operations
Peakwork has also completely optimized its software for cloud-based hosting. This gives tour operators, hotel and flight providers maximum flexibility in the operation of IT systems and to benefit from speed and scalability. The IT adapts flexibly to the needs of the operator – to meet increasing international requirements, enter new markets or product diversification.

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