Penn State food lab launches Allinfoodz podcast featuring food narratives

Penn State food lab launches Allinfoodz podcast featuring food narratives


Penn Condition food lab launches Allinfoodz podcasting featuring food narratives (Forimmediaterelease. net) Food sustains existence and is central in cultures all over the world. Now, food is the focal point of the new podcast series developed by the meals Decisions Research Laboratory ( ) at Penn State plus facilitators are seeking contributors from the local community at large.

To listen to the Allinfoodz podcast series and be part of the discussion, visit:
. To register to share your own personal story about food, email Amit Sharma at href=”mailto: [email protected] edu “> [email protected] edu .

Each episode of Allinfoodz is a first-person account of how meals has impacted the narrator’ t life. Undergraduate students, graduate college students, the director of the School associated with Hospitality Management, the dean from the College of Health and Human Advancement at Penn State and other users of the Penn State community have previously shared personal food-related stories included in a larger dialogue about food.

The series covers a number of food-related topics, that in totality begins to answer one core query: How do we choose what to eat, exactly where, with whom, and when?

“ Most people think about food regularly during any given day. There are usually underlying reasons that might drive the way you think of food, and therefore how we create our food choices and choices, ” said Amit Sharma, relate professor of hospitality management plus director of the Food Decisions Study Laboratory at Penn State.

“ The mission associated with Allinfoodz is to share our beliefs connected to food and showcase what we consider food, so that we may learn about meals choices and decisions from one another, in an open-minded and thoughtful way, respectful of everyone regardless of our experience, ” Sharma said.

Allinfoodz provides a space for anyone to talk about with others varied and all-inclusive breaks food stories, narratives and encounters. The podcast series and internet site document and share food stories, local community events around food talk, plus expert evidence from research within food decisions.

“ All In at Penn Condition: A Commitment to Diversity and Addition, ” ( ) is definitely an ongoing University-wide initiative for getting students, faculty and staff jointly to show their commitment to augmenting a diverse and inclusive atmosphere and inspiring action and discussions.

MEDIA CONTACT: Jackie Golas, Penn State School associated with Hospitality Management, phone: 815-865-1854, [email protected] edu

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