Perfect Minister of Canada issues declaration on the attack in London

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The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement at the attack in London, United Kingdom:

“ We strongly condemn today’ s attack in London. I was surprised and saddened to learn of the blameless people who were killed and hurt as a result of this cowardly attack.

“ Canada and the Oughout. K. are the closest of close friends and allies. Our friendship is founded on shared values and history – indeed, Canada’ s Parliament is really a descendant of the Chamber targeted today.
“ Today’ s strike on the U. K. Parliament is definitely an attack on democracies around the world.

“ The Canadian Parliament withstood a similar attack not so sometime ago by those who sought to instil fear and divide Canadians towards themselves. Instead, Canadians came collectively. I am confident the British individuals will do the same, and will emerge using their grief stronger and more united than in the past.

“ On behalf of just about all Canadians, I offer our complete support to Prime Minister Might and to the people of the United Kingdom. All of us stand ready to offer all achievable assistance to the British government, to complete what we can to bring to proper rights those responsible for this heinous work.

“ Canadians endure united with the British people within the fight against terrorism. We will continue to interact with the U. K. and all the allies to show the world that independence and democracy will always triumph. ”


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