lets travel photographers show and sell their work lets travel photographers show and sell their work

Interested in trying to sell your travel photography? Give it a try with this online portfolio builder.


What it does: It’s a tool built by a professional travel photographer so other travel photographers can show — and perhaps sell — their work. Create your own photo website or travel blogs for a  fee that ranges from $2.99 to $35 a month.

What’s hot: There are four elegant and easy-to-use design themes you can choose to build your site. You can upload travel photos, build galleries, create pages and blog posts as desired. When you’re on an individual photo, click on the camera icon to get specifics on how the photo was taken, or click on the share icon to send to friends and family. Not sure if the website is what you want? The best way to figure that out is to check its capabilities.  Photographers can create an account and try the website for free for 14 days. The advanced features such as having your own newsletter or image watermark feature are enticing. But first, view the existing galleries for Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. To read articles by other photographers, visit the Photler Blog accessed from the home page.

What’s not: The website is beautiful, and the travel galleries inspire viewers. But when I clicked through the galleries and then on individual photos, I couldn’t figure out how to buy them. The good news is that Photler does not take any commission on photo sales.

—Jen Leo