Pins on Pinterest: Be a savvy world explorer with these travel tips

This week I’m prepping for a fun international vacation where I’ll be enjoying a little sand and sun! I have been shopping for the past week making sure I have some fun beach wear (shorts aren’t especially easy to find in February, by the way), books to enjoy and travel-sized everything. As my pile of travel essentials continues to grow, I am now looking for the best ways to pack everything I need into one carry on!

Apart from those handy compacting space saver travel bags, I picked through Pinterest and found great lists for helping me identify travel essentials, ways to pack the perfect bag, and even some apps I’m sure to make good use out of. Here are a few of my favorite ideas. For even more, visit our Vacation Tips board on Pinterest.

Packing tips

When packing for a long, international flight I often tend to overpack. Because we are only taking carry-ons with us on this trip, it is essential that I pack light. Time for some packing tips other than the standard roll-your-clothing advice. While I love those space saver bags, I know there are even better ideas for keeping my bag light. Gotta have room for all those souvenirs, right?

First, wear your heaviest or bulkiest clothes and shoes on your flights to and from your destination. Pack shoes heel to toe, tucked into a shower cap to conserve space and keep everything clean. Another wise idea is to double bag any toiletries, just in case a bottle explodes. I also love the ideas of bringing large extra Ziploc bags. You can use them to pack dirty and wet clothes for the flight home.

Little-known essentials

The more often I travel, the more I know exactly what I want to pack in my travel purse. Obviously I want to make sure I have plenty of reading material, my phone and Kindle, headphones and a few snacks. But I know there are always little things that I regret not tossing into my easily accessed purse.

There are some essentials I will be sure to keep in my bag for this trip. Wet wipes are always needed, so I’ll grab a travel size pouch for sure. My new insulated stainless steel water bottle will be a new addition to my packing list, too. Airport water costs a fortune! I will likely also include a power pack for my phone and a pill organizer with my allergy, heartburn and headache pills.

Travel apps

Traveling in a foreign country can always be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know the language. Luckily there are dozens of hand smartphone apps, many of them free, perfect for helping you better navigate and enjoy your vacation, from currency exchange converters to language translators.

One of the most stressful moments in a foreign country for me is when I’m buying something. XE Currency is the top, free exchange converter. Looking for the best seafood in Cabo? Check out Foodspotting, a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Traveling in Japan and don’t speak Japanese? Try Google Translate. Simply use your camera to snap images of the words you need to translate.