Pixeldreams: all things needed to prepare for a trip

Pixeldreams: all things needed to prepare for a trip

ixeldreams has been a part of the online travel business since 2006 providing online traveling sites where users can find everything needed on a destination to prepare for any trip. “ At first, each town guide was functioning independently, nevertheless we decided to make the leap to produce a brand with which to be recognizable within social media and directly associated with the travel and leisure industry, we liked the sound from the name Guias. Travel and especially associated with having the generic name of what we should do: “Guides” (in Spanish Guias), ” commented Isaac Paton, Pixeldreams Founder.

Pixeldreams loves the idea of. travel, and month by 30 days the developments under its. take a trip domains go live, which to them is the best to have city names upon. travel and develop on it. The most recent. travel developments are  www.nuevayork.travel   and  www.florencia.travel   that are focused on the Spanish market.

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For 2014, Pixeldreams will begin multi-language developments under a. travel generic town and region domains. It is searching for strategic alliances in the French marketplace, especially for the Burdeox zone plus Sicilia, and also in growth marketplaces like Abu Dhabi and Astana. Pixeldreams has a. travel area for all those them, and it expects to make excellent contacts at FITUR 2014, along with focusing on classic holiday destinations such as Punta Cana and Benidorm.

  Pixeldreams` goal would be to provide the best information users will find to prepare for their trip and enjoy the destination, and this has been its success through the years. Pixeldream`s customers love the good details provided, and they buy the service suggest on their web site.

From Pixeldreams, every good notice regarding. travel is amplified as it grows, that’s why on the social level, Guias. Travel is already connected with all the established portals that use the domain. Pixeldreams invites all those who are still not really connected, to so via  http://twitter.com/GuiasTravel
For additional information about what Pixeldreams does, access  www.guias.travel , as following that it is possible to access the different city advancements.

For information about the entire destinations generic portfolio and feasible alliances, write to  [email protected] travel

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