Polish blogger to start show on Pak tourism

Polish blogger to start show on Pak tourism

ISLAMABAD: Eva zu Beck, Polish travel blogger behind viral “Kiki Challenge” video of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has announced to start the world’s first interactive travel show for Pakistan combining social media, TV, live content, written word and on the ground activities.

With her passion to promote tourism in Pakistan and fight the misperception regarding Pakistan on social media, she looked all set and excited to start her new initiative during a presser.

“Nearly 40 per cent of travellers take the idea of their destinations through social media. We find Pakistan totally missing in that space,” Eva zu Beck said while identifying challenges faced by Pakistani tourism. “Other notable challenges are tourist friendly infrastructure and lack of information for tourists on available means of transport, hotel, guest houses etc.”

She said the mission of the show would be to transform how international travellers think about Pakistan and create positive, long-lasting change to the local tourism industry. “It is high time we establish Pakistan as a destination for travellers looking to experience the perfect combination of nature and culture in a single setting,” states Eva. “The big question that nobody is asking is how we develop the local tourism industry in responsible, environment friendly ways?”

Eva zu Beck said that in attracting more attention to Pakistan as a tourism hub, the travel show will work with local organisations to expand the current tourism infrastructure and ensure responsible growth.

“In addition to promoting tourism in Pakistan on international level, this program will showcase the creativity and media innovation coming out of the country’s young generation of creators. At the heart of the undertaking will be collaboration with local talent and foreign influencers,” she added.