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Practical Ideas to Prep for Holiday Travel

(Family Features) Planning travel round the holidays is rarely simple. Coordinating flights or ground transportation is merely the start often, and safely coming to your destination might feel just like something special in its right.  

During the busyness of the holiday season, concerns about safety and health can fall by the wayside, however, many medical emergencies – whether an unforeseen accident, food reaction or chronic condition – tend to be more prevalent through the holiday season. For instance, the American Heart Association notes the best incidence rate of cardiac mortality for the whole year occurs between Christmas and New Year’day s. Food poisoning, intoxication, traffic injuries and accidents linked to burns and decorations, among other incidents, also bring about higher levels of er visits through the holidays.


This, with holiday travel volume projected to be its highest since 2005 in america, in accordance with AAA, take heightened precautions to get ready for the unexpected and protect your safety and health.

Schedule a back-up. Through the holiday season, disruptions to your travel schedule certainly are a guarantee practically. Arrange for the inevitable by developing a travel schedule that provides you ample cushion for interruptions like traffic delays and late flights.

Carry your wellbeing history with you. While medical emergencies is probably not predictable, having pertinent medical information for everybody in your party could make an urgent medical event less problematic. For caregivers particularly, whether your charges are children or aging adults, an instrument just like the Backpack Health app will help you get organized. The free mobile app provides secure usage of personalized, comprehensive medical documents and information, including wellness, illnesses, injuries, chronic health issues, physicians, prescriptions, treatments and allergies, in a single central location on your own mobile device. It is multilingual also, providing satisfaction even though traveling and information needs translated for a medical expert abroad.

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“For folks coping with chronic especially, rare and serious conditions, holiday travel disrupts health routines – like skipping or rescheduling procedures and appointments or forgetting to refill, pack and take medications – and will rob folks of enjoying time with friends and family,” said Jim Cavan, cEO and president of Backpack Health. “If you’re traveling around the world or anywhere, having extensive health background, for both you as well as your loved ones, close at hand offers assurance to take pleasure from the holidays with an increase of reassurance minus the burden of carrying medical folders.”

For more info also to the app download, visit backpackhealth.com.

Pack for the unexpected. Plan around delays by ensuring you have snacks and entertainment to divert antsy children (and adults). Make sure you keep medications in your carry-on bags or where you could easily access them in the automobile. If you’re traveling by car, carry a crisis kit with items such as for example extra blankets, a first-aid roadside and kit flares.

Watch the elements. If you’ll be planing a trip to an certain area that experiences severe the winter season, or in the event that you reside in an certain area which could have wintry weather once you return, it’s smart to keep close track of the forecast. Timing your arrival differently by hours or perhaps a day could make a significant difference in your travel time and safety.

As you attempt this year’s travel adventures, keep carefully the spirit of the growing season alive and concentrate on all of the good that awaits once you arrive.

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