Probe hunts for illegal lottery resale racket

Probe hunts for illegal lottery resale racket

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) is investigating suspected abuse of lottery distribution quotas after some lottery tickets purchased by vendors were allegedly resold to other sellers.

Reselling ticket quotas is against the law.

GLO director Chalongrat Nak-arthit said the National Council for Peace and Order, the 1st Army Region and police were conducting a joint probe into a number of lottery ticket batches bought by retailers.

The probe was ordered by 1st Army Region commander Lt Gen Apirat Kongsompong, who also serves as chairman of the GLO board.

At least 180 vendors who bought more than 900 lottery ticket books from the GLO may have resold them to other sellers or brokers, according to Maj Gen Chalongrat.

If true, the GLO would revoke its contracts with those vendors, he said.

The GLO director said the office has repeatedly warned vendors and retailers not to sell tickets to other lottery sellers or brokers. They are bound by their contracts with the GLO to only sell tickets to customers.

The concern is that reselling tickets to other sellers would cause the lottery ticket supply to be manipulated which could lead to ticket prices being jacked up and rampant profiteering.

Maj Gen Chalongrat said if any vendors were found to be involved in re-selling tickets, they would lose their purchase quota for life.

The law bans tickets held by vendors being sold in combination with the tickets of other sellers or to be exchanged for tickets of other sellers.

The same rule also applies to an arrangement in which vendors or brokers make advance purchases of lottery tickets, according to Maj Gen Chalongrat.

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