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Proceed to promote Brunei, Sarawak as twin tourism destinations

|     Achong Tanjong     |

BRUNEI and Sarawak will work closely to market both neighbouring regions as twin destinations within their tourism packages.

“We have been focusing on twin destination promotions. Brunei could have brunei plus brunei and Sarawak plus Miri packages while we shall have Sarawak plus brunei packages,” said Sarawak Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and arts Datuk Lee Kim Shin, in a recently available interview, in accordance with media reports.

“When visitors arrived at Miri, we shall promote our Miri plus Brunei packages also. For example, a promotion is had by us in China, and we say ‘Arrived at Miri and you will visit Brunei also, which is over the border&rdquo just;, he said at the launching of a month-long Starlight Discover Miri event at the Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club, friday last.

He said that the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) recently had a gathering with the principle executive officer (CEO) and management team of Royal Brunei Airlines (RB), to go over means of promoting Brunei and Sarawak.

Lee added hawaii government in addition has discussed with RB to market Brunei plus Miri or Brunei plus Sarawak packages overseas.

“They are win-win packages and beneficial to both Sarawak and Brunei. Therefore, hopefully tourism players in both Brunei and Sarawak will continue to work closely together to advertise these twin destinations to improve tourism in Sarawak and Brunei.”

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Lee expressed the hope that more events will be organised with the start of Visit Sarawak campaign next year, to attract visitors from various areas of the global world.

“On the proper section of STB, we have exercised the calendar of events for 2019, and you will be promoting them overseas. We’ve started our roadshow at Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and at the planet Tourism Mart in London recently,” he said.

“Week next, we will be likely to China to market Sarawak tourism. It’year thing but ongoing s not just a one.

“Hopefully that starting 2019, our tourism industry will begin to grow and donate to the economic growth of Sarawak and Miri continuously.”

Touching on the Starlight Discover Miri event, Lee praised X Dream Event for organising the month-long programme.

“The tagline Starlight Discover Miri is suitable, once we want visitors to come and find out Miri. I am hoping this event provides a complete large amount of tourists to Miri,” he said.

“My ministry, STB and the Miri City Council (MCC) are supporting this event, and we welcome our neighbours and friends from Brunei. Brunei is our closest neighbour, with Bandar Seri Begawan about one-and-a-half hour away just.”

He was pleased to note the function organiser working closely with hoteliers, travel bus and agents operators in Brunei to market the event that has interactive dinosaurs, decorative LED lights, festive food and decorations.