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Promoting tourism along with government’s priorities: Al-Mashat

Minister of Tourism, Rania Al-Mashat, said that promoting tourism occurs the most notable of Egypt’s priorities currently, stressing that her ministry is in ongoing talks with the private sector, which owns about 98% of the tourism sector in Egypt, to resolve any problems facing them.

During her participation in a session entitled ‘Tourism in Africa,’ within the actions of the ‘Africa 2018 Forum’ in Sharm El-Sheikh, she added that Egyptian tourism is probably the largest contributing sectors to the country’s economic growth. Tourism revenues represented about 20% of Egypt’year s GDP by the end of the initial quarter of the fiscal, while the amount of foreign visitors increased by 40% year-over-year (y-o-y).

Al-Mashat noted that the tourism sector creates more jobs than any sector, during boom seasons especially.

“We have been focusing on many institutional reforms within the ministry, in addition to offering training programmes for the ministry&rsquo abroad;s staff, with the purpose of developing local tourism to complement global developments,” she said.

Al-Mashat further added that the ministry is focusing on reforming and updating current tourism-related legislation. It develops internet marketing of Egypt&rsquo also;s tourism.

The minister said that African tourism experienced deterioration until 2016, but there’s been a boom within the last 2 yrs with a substantial upsurge in tourist nights.

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Tourist experts previously told Daily News Egypt that the shortage of promoting tourism may be the main challenge facing Egyptian tourism.

Thebeetsile Ikalafeng, a known person in the board of directors of the South African Tourism Agency, highlighted that the largest challenge facing tourism in Africa may be the lack of technology in the sector, urging the need of facilitating movement among African countries using technology.

Ikalafeng also stressed the necessity to study the cultures of different African countries to be able to promote each one of these in an innovative and unique way.