, PromptPay resumes service, WorldNews | Travel Wire News

PromptPay resumes service

, PromptPay resumes service, WorldNews | Travel Wire News

The government’s online money transfer service, PromptPay, resumed its operations Sunday evening after a halt in the morning.

Chanthawan Sucharitkul, a spokesperson for the Bank of Thailand, said PromptPay stopped working at about 7am on Sunday morning because the last day of the calendar year had been set incorrectly.

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Interbank Transaction Management and Exchange Co (ITMX), which operates the PromptPay system, solved the problem and then retested its service before reactivating it for public users, she said.

The solution should prevent such a problem from recurring in the future and the Bank of Thailand instructed ITMX to clear previously stalled transactions for users as quickly as possible, Mrs Chanthawan said.

On Sunday morning, many users complained their PromptPay money transfers had not reached recipients, and commercial banks confirmed the problem. PromptPay facilitates money transfers based on users’ mobile phone numbers and ID card numbers.