, Protect state waters that are vital to tourism — Ann Collins, WorldNews | Travel Wire News

Protect state waters that are vital to tourism — Ann Collins

I keep reading about the bill going through the Legislature now to extend rights for high capacity well into perpetuity. Little or no oversight by the Department of Natural Resources will occur. No regard for the impact on water sources in the area is being granted. Our state constitution says the water in this state is to be protected for all citizens, not just a few.

Instead, the state and UW-Madison should be working with growers to find other crops to grow naturally in this or any other area. Water is not an infinite resource. And considering that our state depends a great deal on tourism, and water resources are a great part of tourism, our legislators need to look at ways to preserve what we have.

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It’s time they start working for all of the citizens of this state — not just those who can afford to make large campaign contributions.

— Ann Collins, Madison