Protesters 'greet' G7 leaders, French police fires tear gas

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Thousands have protested near the southern French town of Biarritz, discontent with the politics of the G7 leaders who’ve gathered there for an annual summit. Some clashed with police, who responded with tear gas and water cannon.

Demonstrators were barred from Biarritz itself, where the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States were exchanging handshakes and jabs, so the crowds marched from Hendaye, on France’s border with Spain.

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When they reached the city of Bayonne police prevented them from crossing the bridge and clashes broke out. Some demonstrators threw stones at police, who responded with tear gas and water cannon.

French police didn’t give the number of people detained at the time of writing, but images from the location show police handling the protesters.

The protest march assembled about 15,000 activists, according to organizers, or about 9,000, according to authorities.

Demonstrators carrying flags, banners and effigies of world leaders protested against their environmental and economic policies, claiming the leaders do not represent people.

“We are here to fight against this system [capitalism] that leads us to destruction on so many levels,” Maria, a protester, told Ruptly.

“I’m here to fight against this convention of unpresentable people, capitalists who rule the world,” added another protester, Agurtzane.

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Yellow Vests also joined the protesters, for their 41st consecutive weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron.

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