Public Prosecution detains a person for threatening two sisters

Public Prosecution detains a person for threatening two sisters


Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has arrested a man for threatening two sisters on SnapChat, a social networking site.

It ordered to detain the person for seven days for investigation.

Despite the accused’s attempt to hide evidence electronically, the public prosecution gathered technical evidence that proved his involvement in threats.

Counsellor Ali Al Beloushi, Attorney General Abu Dhabi, said the technical team utilised their expertise and tracked down the crime gathering necessary evidence against perpetrators.

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The attorney general also asked the team to spread awareness among the community about such threats and extortion cases.

In such cases the culprit could be punished with jail of upto three years with a fine not exceeding Dh1 million, the prosecution said.

The prosecution’s investigation, so far, has revealed that it received a complaint from the victim that a person has threatened to publish their photographs and their personal information, including that of her sister, on the web. The extortionist also demanded she pay Dh7,000, which she sent him. After a month again she started receiving threats from the same account and again the victim was asked to pay Dh7,000, the prosecution said.

After the complaint, the public prosecution started monitoring the perpetrator’s account. It later turned out that the perpetrator was a friend and he was threatening her from another ghost account.