Pupils’ tourism industry taster

Pupils’ tourism industry taster

Eyemouth and Berwickshire High School students were among 152 pupils who took part in a tourism and hospitality event at Kelso Racecourse last week.

A Taste of Borders Tourism was organised by local Conservative MSP Rachael Hamilton, Borders College, Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Borders and Midlothian Borders Tourism Action Group (MBTAG)

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The pupils from secondary schools across the Borders were invited to learn more about the opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector and encouraged to consider it as a career.

The event highlighted what’s needed to succeed in the sector, which contributes around £20 million to the Borders economy, and the skills that are currently in short supply.

The event was sponsored by Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers, Rabbie’s Tours Scotland, Kelso Racecourse and DYW Borders and organisations taking part included:

Born in the Borders; Firebrick Brasserie; Visit Scotland; Barony Castle; Buccleuch Arms; Carfraemill; Borders College; and Midlothian Borders Tourism Action Group.

Speaking after the event, Ms. Hamilton said: “The Scottish Borders is proud to have one of the strongest tourism and

hospitality sectors in Scotland and it is right that we celebrate it and work to make it stronger.

“The sector is facing a skills shortage challenge.

“However, we have incredibly talented young persons who can fill these shortages and actually help improve and grow the sector.

‘The young people of the Scottish Borders can and will make a tremendous contribution to our local economy and we should support them to do just that.

“This event has highlighted the talent we have in our young persons.

“It is time to cultivate that talent and work together to see not only the tourism and hospitality sector grow, but also the Scottish Borders economy grow as a whole,” she added.

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