Radcliff real estate broker wants tourism center created on city's north end

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RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) — Terry Shortt, a broker who has lived in Radcliff for more than 30 years, wants the Radcliff tourism commission to create a welcome center at the northern part of the city.

“Everything is on the north end, yet we seem to be more focused on the south end,” Shortt said. “This is where all the tourist attractions are at this end of town: Veteran’s Center, Veteran Hospital, Fort Knox, Patton Museum, Sauder Springs and city park.”

Shortt said nearly 30 businesses are vacant in the northern part of the city, and he believes road changes and routes near Fort Knox detour travelers and tourists to other parts of the city.

“There really are not as many small businesses on the north end as we had even seven, or eight or even 10 years ago,” Shortt said. 

A former Enterprise Rent-A-Car facility is being offered for sale for $295,000, and Shortt is the building’s broker. Those who have worked in the area for decades said the proposed building’s location on North Dixie Boulevard next to Fort Knox would be an ideal location for the welcome center.

“It’s the first thing you see, the first light when you hit Radcliffe. It is right there on the corner. I think it would be a perfect spot for it,” said Hal Carder, who has owned Baldy’s tattoo and Piercing for more than 14 years. “They need to have businesses coming to Radcliffe that want to have opportunities to bring more …we need more business here, basically.”

Radcliff tourism officials said they just signed a one-year lease on the building they currently occupy. They are aware of Shortt’s proposal for them to buy the building but will consider it when their current lease is up.

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